Made a mexi bowl for lunch yesterday.

rice, beans, corn, prawns, spinach and avo.

It was delicious until about 4pm when it had me running to the loo, cramping hard and leaving me so fatigued – I don’t know how I even got through work to be totally honest with you.

I guess you just deal with it – I love work because it’s my escape – I go in and nothings about me – I get to focus on other people and try and forget about my issues.

I left work-feeling super flat, I wanted to cry – no apparent reason other then lack of sleep from the night before (as usual) and the annoyance that now something in my go to mexi bowls is fucking with me. I am assuming it was too much fibre maybe the corn bean combo?

Food can go fuck it self.

I had my staple muffins with avo and vegemite and an egg on top for dinner. This is something I know doesn’t mess with me and I didn’t want to risk anything last night I can couldn’t be bothered with it all.

I’d live off muffins if I could/if Matt would let me.

God his good.

I’ve booked in with Dr Relf for next week – I’ve spoken to a lady who had UC and after 3 months of laser acupuncture with him her symptoms disappeared. I’m preying it works on me. UC is horrible. I think what sucks most is that I look okay – I don’t look sick so no one knows how bad it can really get.

People keep saying ‘hope you get better soon’, dude there is no ‘simple’ getting better.

Any who enough sooking for one day – my UC has definitely improved since diagnosed – but having my main symptoms all through-out the night causing me to have little sleep is messing with my brain like you wouldn’t believe. Lucky I’m mentally strong.