Don’t judge me but….

To celebrate my blog having over 24,000 views I thought I’d keep this post a little light hearted by sharing some facts about me….

If you think you’re a weirdo here is 10 interesting facts about me that might make you seem a little less weird….

1 – When main street is busy I never let people in when they are coming out of the KFC drive thru.

2 – I refuse to wash the dishes because the floating bits of grossness make me want to spew.

3 – I haven’t had McDonalds since I went to Europe in 2013.

4 – It gives me anxiety when girls load their barbells with non-matching weight plates.

5 – It also stresses me out when people (Matt) put their feet through to the seats in front of them at the cinemas.

6 – If you chew with your mouth opened around me I’m plotting in my head how to kill you.

7 – I was working in a food van once when someone asked for a kransky so I literally put the kransky in a bag and gave it to them – no bread, no condiments.

8 – Once when I was upset I drove through the car wash and ate a whole block of black forest chocolate in the time it took to clean the car.
9 – I dance around the house all the time – especially when I’m waiting for the microwave or food to cook.
10 – I was super blind (short sighted) but had laser eye surgery in 2011.

Anddd that is was way to easy to type out lol…

I’m coming back twice a week with blogging because I’ve got some killah content to share with you all so stay tuned for Thursday 😛

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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