Enough with the ‘CLEAN FOODS’

You’ve no doubt come across the word clean eating, especially when it comes to the fitness and food industry….

It just makes me cringe every time I see or hear it!!!

I HATE that word – ‘clean’ since when was food dirty?!

Should I wash this donut before I eat it? Is it clean then? Will I go to dirty hell for eating this pasta because it’s not considered clean?

NO & NO.

Stop making girls feel bad by labelling foods as clean and pushing them to eat only these ‘clean’ foods.

IT does MORE damage then good.

This is the cycle –

-Females via social media become more aware of food & lifestyle choices.

-They are forced fed through ‘gurus’, raw treats, fads, detox teas, Internet & all other forms of media that you must eat only salads and ‘clean’ foods.

-Females become fatigued due to lack of food and become obsessed with what they eat.

-They punish themselves for eating a piece of bread or chocolate because it’s not ‘clean’.

-They go back to social media for ideas on what and how to eat and then repeat the cycle.

Do you know how many girls minds I’ve had to re-wire because of the worlds ridiculous ‘clean’ food rampage?!?!

Okay Chantel I get it – you don’t believe in the term ‘clean’ eating WE GET IT – so what do you believe in???

For LONG TERM health & results –

I am ALL for the 80/20 eating style – this is how I eat – I believe 80% of our food intake should be foods that help fuel the body and help make it run how it should – this allows you to train better, lifer heavier and it keeps you feeling and looking awesome! Your skin will glow, you insides will function perfectly and your energy will be buzzing.

Simple foods like rice, sweet spud, chicken, greens, veggies, fruits, meats, eggs – fresh produce that isn’t packaged or labelled ‘no fat’ ,‘no sugar’, ‘raw’, ‘super food’ OR ‘clean’.

I believe the other 20% should be foods your body just simply wants you know the good stuff that stops you being a crazy person – foods like pasta, pizza, wine & chocolate.

This combination creates balance with your mind and body – you should never feel bad for eating certain foods – with EVERY female that has ever had my guidance when it comes to what to eat they are always so surprised about the amount of food I request them to eat and are even more shocked that there is days where they can eat whatever they want.

For SHORT TERM goals & results –

When you have an end date to achieve something by e.g a photo shoot, wedding, comp prep – It is okay to become stricter on yourself knowing it is only for a small time frame BUT you need to know its only for a small time frame – you can’t expect to live off chicken and broccoli for the rest of your life. So you have a short term goal coming up? Out source the best person to help, listen to what they have to say – smash the goal then continue with the above 80/20 lifestyle.

Don’t let what you consume, consume you.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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