My Morning Quickie…

We all know stretching is something we should be doing regularly, many of us don’t stretch usually because you either don’t have time or you just don’t know what or how to do it…

Well I’m going to solve both of those problems!


Before I go onto explain how I’m going to help you I’m going to first tell you WHY stretching is just as important as exercising itself….

~ Stretching helps improves flexibility which will make everyday life and movement easier.

~ Improves blood circulation so may help you recover from muscle soreness or DOMS quicker.

~ Improve your posture by lengthen tight muscles, so if you sit hunched over a desk all day this causes our chest muscles to tighten pulling the shoulders forward, if you don’t stretch you will remain ‘hunched’ if you stretch daily this releases those chest muscles and encourages correct posture.

~ It helps calm the mind and allows the body to recover and recharge.

~ Increases your range of motion which will help decrease your risk of injuries.

So in saying that attached underneath is a simple Yoga inspired stretching sequence, it is under 5 minutes short meaning time is NOT an issue/excuse. So if your goal is to become more flexible but you are not sure where to start, START HERE!

Stay Strong & Stretch,

Tel x
P.S this was my first time filming and actually talking to myself, it was slightly weird and I hate hearing my own voice but if it helps it is all worth it! ENJOY!

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