Pregnancy & training – my views & opinions whether you like them or not!

On the way home from my 9:15am sessions yesterday (which in fact is ALL Mums – who for the record are KICKARSE) I heard a ‘news’ update-

Michelle Bridges under scrutiny and deemed ‘irresponsible’ for her post birth training schedule consisting of a combination of walking and running only 3 weeks after birth.


What makes me so frustrated about this is the actual post they are referring to Michelle clearly states – ‘I am a professional trainer and have been for 30 years’ it isn’t like she is a non-active female giving running and walking a crack for the first time. She’s Michelle Bridges for god sake.

Secondly what REALLY got me is that it is perfectly okay for Mum’s both during and post pregnancy to lounge around blow out and eat & drink every thing in sight but when they have an interest in health & fitness heaven forbid they too are deemed irresponsible and it becomes ‘news’, piss off.

Think about it, when there isn’t a little human in you & you decide to live off junk and become sloth like you know your self this isn’t great for the body and you end up feeling like shit, let alone having a little human in you and doing that.

IT IS PERFECTLY okay to move & make healthy eating options – insert mums reading this thinking she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, she’s never been pregnant – if I’m offending you it’s okay it is only because deep down you know what I’m writing is true and yes continue LOZon to tell me ‘wait until you’re pregnant blah blah’

Thirdly how the hell is this news?
I don’t watch the news. It is filled with rubbish and this is a clear example of what’s wrong with the world. It’s all backwards and when I step out of my happy bubble and re-connect with what’s going on by watching ‘the news’ it only leaves me frustrated or depressed.

I don’t know if it’s the water or the toilet seats at Royale Fitness but I have almost 10 mum’s to be training – as well as a handful of new mummies who trained right up until birth and are now back at training again. Yes, every case is different – yes, I need to alter movements as their due date approaches BUT yes, they are all lifting weight, doing cardio and certain core work in an extremely SAFE environment.

IT is their choice to remain fit and healthy during pregnancy as well as after their pregnancy DO NOT question them about it or deem them irresponsible – become inspired by these amazing women I know I sure as hell am.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel XWhit

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