Rest & Recover diet – the good, the bad & the ugly….

One week post comp – it has been a pretty interesting week to say the least!

Eating healthy foods for almost 15 weeks then really upping the anti roughly 8 weeks out – I didn’t notice it at the time but my body was functioning in peak form.

I was complaining of being tired and exhausted at times but these were due to the fact I was training quite intensely and roughly 10 days out I cut carbs for one week which messed with my energy levels a dose of sweet spud and a good sleep fixed both of these things right up!

Being post comp and being on a what I would call ‘rest and recover diet’ for the week where I’m eating whatever I want, don’t get me wrong it isn’t like I’m going nuts and smashing all the chocolate I’m still eating as what people would consider fairly healthy with maybe a cheeky donut or two. I have noticed my body disagree with the intake of food I’ve been having strange reactions – I’ve had heartburn over the week… I’ve NEVER had heartburn, I’ve had headaches almost daily, my skin is looking dry and dull, pains in the back of my knees or what I would call growing pains, I’m itchy (this could just be the 10 layers of tan coming off), I’m bloated by the end of the day and even by the end of some meals (with what looks like an 8 month old food baby), my nose gets blocked randomly for no reason and I even woke up with an extremely swollen eye.

I remember some of these reactions use to happen to me pre comp – I didn’t notice them disappear but I’ve sure as hell notice there return!

So many people out there don’t know how there body should feel and function – we feed it highly processed ‘foods’ on an hourly basis – you shouldn’t be in pain, bloated and dull these are all ways of our body telling us what we are putting in it is doing more harm then good. I’m not saying start comp prep – far from it but seeing the difference in my body both internally and externally it is unreal!!!

Anywho my rest and recover week has come to an end and I’m back into training and eating right for my goals – trialling out a 12 week program I’ve written up, excitingly still includes rest days, date night and a day where you get to eat what you want – now that’s a maintainable diet!! I’m super pumped about this girls!!!!

Now I’m off to finish my final R&R treat peanut butter ice cream with choc chips GUILT FREE!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
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