September 18th 2016 – The day I become Mrs Prince – Chantel Maree Prince to be exact.

I’m excited as f*ck and it all became so much more real when I picked out my wedding dress.

Which is tight – without giving too much away it hugs my skin from the top almost right down – this means every nook, cranny, lump & bump will be seen. (My mums voice instantly comes into my head ‘what lumps & bumps’ & ‘I want your lumps & bumps’)

I know every bride-to-be always wants to look 110% on their wedding day and I am no exception to this – with what seems like every second post on Facebook being an engagement announcement what better time to write about ‘shredding for the wedding’ in hope to give the many brides-to-be out there some guidance and tips on what I will be doing to become the HOTTEST bride ever – modest I know but IDGAF.

I’m all about structure so once I have a plan of attack set out in front of me I find it super easy to achieve what I set out to do.

I do this by setting up a table of ‘things’ I MUST achieve everyday

What I need to do daily is clearly set out in front of me & as I complete each thing they get a tick.

I aim for EVERYTHING to be ticked.

But Chantel what sort of ‘things’ MUST I achieve everyday?!?!

Well this changes from person to person but for me who is a chocoholic and sugar addict who hates cooking, who can have troubles with digestion, who can also forget to drink water, who struggles to do any form of hardio (cardio), who wants maintain size and strength while leaning down, defining arms/back and improving posture, who doesn’t want their quads to grow any bigger but wants booty gains BUT also want to have a social life these are the ‘things’ I would incorporate and why.

(BTW see how specific I was ^^^^ you must be specific to know what you want!)

– FASTED WALK – no doubt you’ve heard me talk about this before. Walking for 20-40 minutes first thing in the morning before you’ve eaten not only wakes you up and fires up your metabolism but because you are walking before you eat you are burning fat directly rather then energy from food. BONUS POINT – Add ankle weights to help shred fat faster.

– GREENS POWDER – To fill in any nutritional needs, it’ll give you energy, beat cravings, help with digestion plus you just feel bloody good for doing it! I use 7.2 and can hook you up with some if you need just message me. BONUS POINT – if it’s cheap and from you super market its more then likely crap.

– PROBIOTIC – Bloating common? Look at taking a probiotic to help with digestion and gut health. No one wants a bloated bride (especially in my dress) BONUS POINT – because it has live bacteria in it you must store this product in the fridge – I like BioCeuticals

– MINIMUM 3L WATER – When you don’t drink a lot of water your body holds onto whatever water you do drink giving you a lovely ‘puffy’ look! So to avoid becoming ‘puffy’ drink a minimum of 3L of water a day – this will ensure your body is super hydrated and will release any water it doesn’t need. BONUS POINT – if you have skin troubles it’ll also help clear this up!

– NO PROCESSED SUGAR – AKA leave the chocolate and lollies alone!!!! Yes this includes ice-cream, slices, cookies, sugar free foods, raw foods, fat free foods – it’s all rubbish KA-PEESH! BONUS POINT – it takes 2 weeks to break a habit get past 2 weeks and you’ll find this a lot easier as sugar is actually addictive – watch ‘That sugar film’ for some extra motivation.

– TRAIN HEAVY (3 times per week) – Training heavy will make you bulky. False. The foods mentioned above will make you bulky. If you want lean muscle mass you must lift heavy. I’ll mostly be making my programming glute and back focused. BONUS POINT – PAY someone to write a specific program for you – if you’re dropping thousands of dollars on a wedding don’t get tight when it comes to getting your body in fine form – this goes for specific food help too. I’m available to help with both.
– HARDIO (2 times per week) – It’s hard, I know but just do it. Sweat melts fat. BONUS POINT – Trick yourself by going on adventurous hikes.

-ESPRESSO – This is the only thing that makes me a morning person – if I’ve told you I haven’t had my morning coffee run the other way. BONUS POINT – compared to your usual latte, espressos have minimal calories and zero sugar!

– BODY BRUSHING – Don’t know what this is? Google it. It’s a simple method of rubbing the body in a circular motion, I do it once I’m dry and I’ve just gotten out the shower. It helps reduce cellulite and firms skin. BONUS POINT – after body brushing instead of using moisturiser use coconut oil for a deeper hydration.

These are ‘things’ I have on my daily check off sheet – what I would suggest for you would be to write down your bad habits that you know are leaving you FEELING sluggish & frumpy some common ones may be:

No alcohol.
No soft drink.
No takeaway.
Green veggies with dinner.
8 hours sleep.
Make training.

This will create a personalised check off sheet specifically designed for you the bride-to-be.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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