-Why is the first place I loose fat my boobs and the first place I put it on my ass?

-Why is it so f*cking hard to stop at one row of chocolate?

-Why do we always have to do overhead exercises when I forget to shave my under arms?

-Why does one minute seem like 5 while training?

-Why do I stalk and follow so many hot girls on Instagram?

-Why can my partner eat a small village and still have abs?

-Why is a pull up so god damn hard?

-Why does boost always have to have a massive line?

-Why does my bladder feel like it is going to fall out during any jumping exercises while I have my period?

-Why do burpees have to be good for you?

-Why can’t broccoli taste like cheesecake?

-Why can’t I follow summer around the world?

-Why doesn’t shopping count as cardio?

-Why do quest bars make me look like I’m due to give birth?

-Why is workout gear so expensive & addictive?

-Why are avocados so expensive and why do I have to pay extra?

-Why can I never find matching socks?

-Why does my partner want to touch my stomach after I smashed 3 slices of pizza?

-Why is it socially acceptable for men to take their shirts off while training yet females get judged?

-Why do dressing room mirrors either make you hot as hell or a slumpy hag?

-Why do calories count even though no one saw me eat them?

-Why is cardio hardio?

-Why don’t I look like Margot Robbie?

-Why is the struggle real?!


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