The Lazy Girls Guide to Healthy Cooking:

I remember when I was living at home…. My dinner was cooked for me pretty much every night and I remember what a pain in the a*s I use to be –
‘I don’t want this’
‘I can’t eat that’
‘Too many carbs’
‘I don’t like this’
‘I’m turning vegetarian’
‘Where’s my meat?’
‘This broccoli is over cooked’
‘White pasta?!?’
‘I’m not eating FROZEN veggies’
‘I’ll cook something else’
‘Spaghetti AGAIN!’
I’d firstly like to apologise to my Mum because holly sh*t, this housewife stuff is hard bloody work – especially when you don’t even like cooking – I mean I’ve only got 2 people to cook for and I’ve only been doing it for 3 years – she had to cook for 5 people and was doing it for 20+ years – anyway sorry for being a b*tch. (BTW I would now eat WHATEVER my Mum would cook, even that sh*t on toast she use to threaten me with…mmm actually….)
Secondly if you are still living at home try not to be as much of a pain in the butt as I was – help your Mum out and get in the kitchen – it’ll help you later in life – trust me this is coming from a person who steered clear of the kitchen and now doesn’t know how to roast, bake or even cook pasta for that matter.

Thirdly if you are like me and don’t enjoy cooking, I mean I’d just rather use my energy on things I’m good at like making people fit, healthy and kickass… then here is ‘lazy girls guide to healthy cooking’ …… not particularly because we are lazy but because cooking just isn’t our thang…..

I stick to what I call the SIMPLE 3:

These simple three will always make up a healthy, quick, easy meal.

Here are the types of simple 3 you want to be using:

>Chicken (mince, breast)
>Turkey (mince, breast, burgers)
>Lean Beef Mince
>Kangaroo (fillets, mince, burgers)
>Sweet potatoes
>Basmati rice
>Multigrain wraps

>Bok choy
>Cos lettuce
Now pick one out of each category and bang you have your main components of dinner.

E.G – Baked potato:
-Lean mince (with taco seasoning)
-Sweet spud
Add your condiments (Sweet chilli sauce, cheese and what every other veggie you want) and dinner is served!)

E.G – Stir Fry
-Chicken breast
-Bok choy
-Basmati rice
Add your condiments (extra veggies and stirfry sauce) and dinner is served!

E.G Fired Rice
-Basmati rice
Add your condiments (spring onion, corn extra veggies, soy sauce) and dinner is served!

You’re Welcome!

Now go apologies to your Mum!

Stay Strong and Stretch,
Tel X

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