The Simple Life Equation

A friend of mine was explaining to me this equation she uses when she buys new clothes, it is

“value divided by amount of wears”….

For example if you buy a cheap $40 pair of cotton on jeans that you wear once then wash and they shrink and you never wear it again its value is $40 per wear (40/1=40).

If you buy a pair of Bardot jeans at $200 and wear them over 50 times that’s $4 per wear (200/50=4).

Although the Bardot jeans are more expensive up front you get more wear out of them and they work out to be cheaper over all as you don’t need to go out and buy a new pair.

This simple mathematical equation got me thinking; it cannot only be put towards clothes it can be put to ANYTHING including your health.

Lets take this example:

You pay casually to use a gym for $5, you use the gym twice a week, walk on the treadmill for one hour and maybe take a couple selfies. (Guilty!)

You pay a membership at an exclusive training facility at $45 per week where you’re not only entering specifically programed training sessions 4 times a week to reach your goals you are acquiring knowledge, skills, motivation and support from the trainers and people around you.

So although the casually gym session is cheaper is it getting you any closer to where you want to be or are you just wasting money?

Clothes, health, holidays, food, and beauty… you name it this simple principle bloody works!

Apply the VAULE DIVIDED BY USE principle into your life and see where you are investing and where you are wasting time &/or money!

Tel X

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