You’re not alone…

So, so SO many girls out there think they are alone in their habits and behaviour, I’m here to tell you, you are NOT!
Lets see if you can relate….

|You’ve eaten so much over the weekend that by Sunday night you promise to never feel the way you do again and make a promise that Monday is the start of something new.

|Monday comes you eat junk then think meh I’ve already eaten bad now might as well go all out and start NEXT Monday.

|You ‘deserve’ it because you did something great or accomplished a goal (you are not a dog do not reward your self with treats)

|Scroll endlessly through babes on instagram. Looking at these photos will not get you any closer to looking like these people!

|Social eater – you want people to think you are eating so will smash an entre, main and dessert and pretend it didn’t even hit the sides.

|You eat healthy all day then get home and eat the whole fridge.

|You still live at home and feel bad not eating mums fettuccine carbonara with 3 pieces of garlic bread and extra parmesan.

|It’s ‘raw’ and ‘organic’ chocolate so it okay – NO!!

|Over thinking and trying to cook up all these fancy ‘clean’ superfoods.

|Eats good for 1 week doesn’t see initial results then gives up!

|Seeing people on these strict calorie deficient diets (usually over weight people) and thinking that’s what I need to do to see results because a shake fixes everything right and you’ll loose 10kgs in 1 week right? (Perfect timing before your holiday that crept up!)

|Taking all these unrealistic un-maintainable supplements such as fat shredders to diuretics and laxatives – these things cause term damage! (More on this another day)

|About to eat some junk and refusing to look at the nutritional information.

|Take things to the extreme by counting every carb and calorie and becoming to consumed in numbers that eating becomes more of a maths problem. (Unless you’re an elite body figure competitor STOP!)

|Cals in vs cal out right? So I’ll not eat then when I do I’ll eat rubbish and still be under in my calories by the end of the day. – Technically speaking yes this is true but the nutritional value of a bag of chips compared to a salad is incomparable, by doing this you are loosing important nutrients your body needs, this will start to show through your skin and digestive system pretty quickly!

|Go out for social drinks (which is fine) end up binge drinking and eating maccas, kfc and a kebab on the way home then the next morning consuming chips and gravy and promising never to drink again… until the next social event.

|OD on the SAME food –you are that routine it is crazy right!

|Last but not least weight yourself- like all the time. Some slight addiction we have like the number defines us and how we look? Might as well get hit by a car, leaves us with the same feeling.

I literally wrote all these points without having to stop and think once! Why? Because I’m also a normal girl and have done all of the above from one point to another – it has taken me over 20 years to learn to love my body in the process putting it through some crazy hectic sh*t and for what? If you can relate to any or all of my points above stay tuned because I’m going to teach you a bit of self lovin’ and a healthier way to train, eat & live.
Tel X

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