Ditch the Dimples

Cellulite – you probably have it & you probably aren’t that thrilled about it.

This is the part where you wait for me to tell you there is a magic cure – sorry gals – although there is no magic remedy that will completely eliminate cellulite I’ve found a combination of easily accessible and maintainable products that can help significantly reduce those lumps and bumps.

EXFOLIATING GLOVE – Whilst showering have an exfoliating glove handy and get scrubbing in circular motions – I do this 2-3 times a week usually when I exfoliate my face.

BODY BRUSHAfter showering dry your body then grab your body brush and in circular motions brush your body over the cellulite targeted areas. (Usually thighs, toosh, lower tummy.) Check out the ‘Tel Loves’ section for an image of this brush.

COCONUT OIL – Once you’ve body brushed apply coconut oil to the same areas – if you don’t like feeling greasy use the below product. I use coconut oil when I shower before bed let it soak in over night.

NIVEA FIRMING BODY LOTION – So you’ve showered first thing and don’t like feeling greasy this is the product for you. It’s a lotion so absorbs into the skin nicely and I use this over my whole body.

Want MORE??

SQUAT HEAVY – Heavy moments not only burn a sh*t load of calories but they also build muscle and create that plum booty and give it shape.

FASTED CARDIO – When completing low impact cardio on an empty stomach you are using fat as energy – cellulite can be in your genes but its also caused by extra fat cells aka those cheeky donuts you’ve been sneaking in your diet (GUILTY!) so by burning fat you help burn those cells and thus cellulite.

REDUCE SUGAR – Don’t burn off those daily cakes, lollies and chocolates? Well congrats they have just made their way to your ass. Reduce the processed sugar intake and reduce the cellulite – it’s so easy until you get to the chocolate isle.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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