Honesty is the best policy….

I haven’t really talked in depth about my food/training much since my fitness comp (which I started prepping for exactly one year ago!)


I don’t really know?

I guess it is because I’m not as obsessed with my food as what I was in that point of time? Looking back now I can easily say I got too addicted and in a more specific term probably encountered a short term ED.

Flashback to mid comp prep and try and tell me I had signs of an ED I would laugh in your face and tell you I’ve got everything under control which was half the problem – I knew every calorie going into my body and if I swayed off my plan I would totally freak out about it and feel guilty, fat and failed.

You’re thinking – yes Chantel I too feel guilty when I demolish a whole pizza BUT it wasn’t like that I remember one night I was so hungry I ate an egg – literally one egg and I felt guilty about it?!?! DA FAQ?!? At the time it seemed so normal.

Roughly 4 weeks post comp I weighed the most I ever have – I weighed 65kg August 1st, I was 55kgs getting on stage and I always floated between 57kg-58kg pre-comp. November 6th I weighed in at 59.9kg and that’s the last time I weighed myself –I can now safety say I don’t give a flying f*ck because I think I look good.

It took me until August/September – so 2-3 months post comp to completely snap out of the mindset I was in.

Why am I talking about this so openly?

Why not?

A lot of females struggle day in and day out with their demons and I think if we were able to talk about it openly it would help so many.

Within the fitness industry there is a very fine line between lifestyle and addiction – I have experience both ends and will happily talk about it so others become aware and don’t make the same mistake I have….. I mean if I cant be honest and open what’s the point of me even blogging?!

-Train 3-4 times a week.
-Eat 80% for your goals 20% for your soul.
-Stop comparing yourself to others.
-Unfollow unhealthy ‘healthy’ social media accounts.
-Praise yourself for fitness goals (such as hitting new PB’s in the gym)
-Complement others not only on looks but on badass fitness goals.(like the ones above)
-Talk openly and honestly.

-High impact training daily – sometimes twice.
-Eating extremely strict with a lot of emphasis on macros and calories restrictions, maybe not eating at all.
-Always putting yourself down and comparing yourself to others.
-Being jealous of others there for be rude to them.
-Pretending like you’ve ‘got this’

Just some things to ponder on from one bad ass women to another….

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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