Eyes are the window to the soul…

Some may say the see sadness, anger and happiness through the eyes – my recent (and first) visit to a naturopath proved the eyes can say so much more..

I contacted naturopath, Natalie (I’ll attached her business page at the bottom of this post) being 5 months from my wedding date. I wanted to have a consultation to see how my body was functioning and more so to ensure I’m looking vibrant and lustrous on my wedding day….

New to naturopathy Nat explained to me:

“If 5 different people go to the doctors with a headache, the doctor will usually give the same medication to all 5 people to help mask the symptoms…” (chemicals and masking issue)

“If 5 different people came to me with a headache my job is figure out why each of them are getting headaches and naturally treat each person individually as no two people are the same.” (natural and treat problem)

This resinated with me so much – working in pharmacy for over 6 years I saw doctor prescriptions come through on the daily – I also know that they receive benefits for selling certain meds/brands – it was half obvious because they would pump through a certain brand or medication all day for almost every client.

Anyways that’s another rant for another day…..

At the very beginning of the consultation Nat took a photo of my eyes.

“You crave sugar don’t you?” Nat said almost instantly as she looked in my left eye.

Here I am thinking to myself shit I’ve still got chocolate on my face from the freddo I had on the way here….

“Wow, you really crave sugar” As she looked in my right eye.

For anyone that knows me know that I LOVE sugar (chocolates no.1 fan) – The thing was Nat doesn’t know me.

After closely examining the photos of my eyes she was also able to point out certain areas of my pupil and tell me I always have cold hands and feet, I get light headed and that if I have a list of 10 things to do in a day I’ll do 20… Every word that came out of her mouth I was just ‘Yup me, me, me!’

All this from my eyes!!! Don’t you find this fascinating?!

This was literally within the first 15 minutes… what followed was a series of questions about my lifestyle, body and routine.

By answering all questions Nat was able to determined what my body may be missing and was able to recommend practitioner only supplements (meaning they can only be sold by qualified persons no herbalife or isogenix here!!) and now I’m on my way to be the most vibrant looking wifey ever.

Why am I telling you about my experience?

There is just so many rubbish over the counter products out there claiming to do all these wonderful things – we spend countless $$$ on quick fixes with god knows what in them – we trust marketing gurus who have no qualifications and no idea – WHY?!?

Why not save our time and money and seek professional advice?

If you want the best for your body, you have to see the best otherwise you’re just wasting your time.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

Natalies Facebook Page

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