My date with the Spot Dr.

Since the day I could walk I would be out in the sun completely frying my skin at every chance I could in Summer – I was that 12 year old with white hair and a killah tan.

As I grew older nothing changed besides the fact I was forced to grow up and get a 9-5, which meant pretty much zero sun exposure (boooo!!!)

So before every holiday I would go to the soli (solarium) to tan up before I went away – it was 12 minutes of absolute bliss – relaxing in a nice warm enclosure that made you tanned. We all know life is better with a tan right?

Fast forward 3 years where soli’s are no longer an option (unless I want to pay a ridiculous price and do something slightly illegal)

And my skin now has more freckles then a chocolate freckle itself – I would always get told to put sunscreen on followed with the threat ‘you’ll have bad skin when you older’ and unfortunately they were right.

All the threats of getting dots, spots, dry skin and pre-mature aging they were bloody right!!

I saw a ‘spot’ doctor about 10 years ago – I got the all clear then but haven’t been back since… until yesterday.

I was nervous and convinced I had some sort of skin cancer.

After a very awkward close search over my body with a magnify glass thingy I got the all clear from any dangerous moles (YAY!) – yet I still had 5 raised ones removed.

3 on my back, 1 on my underarm and 1 on my face – the procedure was pain free as I was given a local aesthetic in each spot. It was done using radiotherapy and it basically smelt like I was on fire the whole time. So now I’m left with 5 burn like open wounds in which I need to keep covered and clean with a topically ointment.

The risk of scarring is super small if you look after the wounds while they heal and well I’d much rather some small scarring rather then being told I had some suspicious looking moles.

So while I’m walking around with a band-aid on my face know its not because I’m trying to look like Nelly – I’m not that cool – I’m just healing!


*If you can’t remember the last time you saw a ‘Spot Dr.’ that means it’s time to book an appionment…

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

4 Months out MY Wedding routine

Some soon-to-be brides like to pre-pamper themselves leading the big day others don’t give a f*ck.

I thought I’d be one of the IDGAF brides and I’ve soon discovered well, I’m not!

So 4 months until the big day so what else have I done besides spend a lot of money?

#1 Naturopath: You all read about my visit to Nat the Naturopath in my last post..

Nat’s put me on:

Metagenics Lymphatox: This is a lymph node detox – to clear all the build up of crap in my body basically.

BioCeuticals Ultra Muscleze (Magnsium): To help stress, improve sleep, muscle soreness, cramping – what doesn’t magnesium do!!!

BioCeuticals Alpha EFA: My body is really dry – drier then it should be for a 25 year old who drinks 2-3L of water a day. So this is an indication my cells may not be holding fluid – like a dried up sultana really! These will help blood circulation and improve my skin.

I’m also taking:

7.2 Greens powder or caps: To compliment my green leafy veggie intake – I always just feel good after a greens drink knowing I’m getting in some more nutrients.

#2 Oxy Facials: Cailin from CAS beauty is my homegirl on this one – Using Intrceuticals.

Oxygen facial is a treatment used to infuse serums rich in vitamins and antioxidants deep into the skin – it’ll hydrate, plump and rid any fine lines.

One oxygen facial a month for now but this will be amped up leading into the wedding – so stay tuned.

#3 Skin Check: One of my lovely besties works at a day spa – Indera – in which a Dr comes out once a month to do skin checks and mole removal – I thought pre wedding would be a good time because a) Matt told me I have to, b) its been 10 years since I’ve last had them checked and c) if anything needs removing it has 4 months to heal. (I get this done tomorrow and I’m slightly nervous!)

#4 Water Intake: I was slack with this the last couple of months – only getting 2L average in a day – seems like a lot to some but I usually get in minimum 3L *stops to take skull water…. I find having pop top lids helps a ridiculous amount as does needing to get in my magnesium (which is a powder mixed with water) so I’m now back averaging 3L minimum a day.

#5 Pintrest: If you are getting married and haven’t discovered this yet – you’re welcome. Mate you don’t even need to be getting married – renovations, recipes, kids rooms, cocktails – you name it Pintrest has it. If my actual wedding turns out half as good as my Pintrest album it’s going to be bloody brilliant!

#6 Training routine: 3 times a week – main focuses on posture and staying lean by doing x1 lower body sesh, x1 upper body sesh and x1 full body sesh – each with strength focus, core and yoga at the end – maybe a little #hardio if I don’t talk myself out of it! One piece of advice here brides to be – DO PILATES AND LIFT HEAVY.

#7 Eating: Yeah this hasn’t change much yet – I was due for my period yesterday and ate 3 Freddo’s (one after breakfast, lunch then dinner) I also had a bag of Malteasers for lunch on Sunday – Judge me I don’t care. When I’m on I’m on but for now I’m wallowing in self-pity. #human

Things I’ve discovered about weddings:

-Destination Weddings aren’t cheap like they are made out to be.

-Whatever you want tell Matt it cost 50% of that price and buy it anyways.

-I’m already getting upset that Bane and Austin can’t come.

-People are opinionated and unfiltered when it comes to weddings – never take it to heart!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X