My date with the Spot Dr.

Since the day I could walk I would be out in the sun completely frying my skin at every chance I could in Summer – I was that 12 year old with white hair and a killah tan.

As I grew older nothing changed besides the fact I was forced to grow up and get a 9-5, which meant pretty much zero sun exposure (boooo!!!)

So before every holiday I would go to the soli (solarium) to tan up before I went away – it was 12 minutes of absolute bliss – relaxing in a nice warm enclosure that made you tanned. We all know life is better with a tan right?

Fast forward 3 years where soli’s are no longer an option (unless I want to pay a ridiculous price and do something slightly illegal)

And my skin now has more freckles then a chocolate freckle itself – I would always get told to put sunscreen on followed with the threat ‘you’ll have bad skin when you older’ and unfortunately they were right.

All the threats of getting dots, spots, dry skin and pre-mature aging they were bloody right!!

I saw a ‘spot’ doctor about 10 years ago – I got the all clear then but haven’t been back since… until yesterday.

I was nervous and convinced I had some sort of skin cancer.

After a very awkward close search over my body with a magnify glass thingy I got the all clear from any dangerous moles (YAY!) – yet I still had 5 raised ones removed.

3 on my back, 1 on my underarm and 1 on my face – the procedure was pain free as I was given a local aesthetic in each spot. It was done using radiotherapy and it basically smelt like I was on fire the whole time. So now I’m left with 5 burn like open wounds in which I need to keep covered and clean with a topically ointment.

The risk of scarring is super small if you look after the wounds while they heal and well I’d much rather some small scarring rather then being told I had some suspicious looking moles.

So while I’m walking around with a band-aid on my face know its not because I’m trying to look like Nelly – I’m not that cool – I’m just healing!


*If you can’t remember the last time you saw a ‘Spot Dr.’ that means it’s time to book an appionment…

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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