So you wanna ‘tone’?!

About 98% of girls that apply to train at Royale Fitness use the words ‘tone’ when it comes to goals out of training.

It’s a super common phrase that I come across on almost a daily basis – so I have to take it quite seriously and get these girls to their goal of toning.

So how do I do it?!

Well a bit of a back ground on training…

If you do purely strength work no cardio your muscles will increase. You will burn a lot of calories the more muscle you gain.


If you are 20kg over weight and only train heavy strength you will more then likely look ‘bulky’ because unfortunately although muscles do burn calories fat can’t just magically turn to muscle.

If you are at a steady weight e.g me I always stay at 56kg-58kg with a slim build strength work will not make you look bulky rather defined and lean.

If you do purely cardio work with no strength you muscles will not grow.

They actually do the opposite – if you smash only cardio and aren’t eating properly (enough) and are a standard size build (not overweight) your body will use muscle as energy so you’ll actually eat away at your muscles – ya’ know the term ‘skinny fat’ thats exactly it!


If you are overweight cardio is an important gender as you need to strip away the excess fat (which strength training won’t do alone)

BLAH BLAH BLAH Tel just tel me how to get toned!!

Okay okay! 

So you wanna get toned? I’ve found the perfect combination….


If you are strength training – now I don’t mean pump class I mean legit heavy bad ass movements (deadlifts/squats/bench) – this will increase lean muscle mass – we’ve all seen girls with sexy defined arms, legs and ass well they don’t get that from running.


Combine it with specific cardio movements to become more explosive, fast and agile to shred excess fat to define those muscles you’ve been building (we don’t want them hiding under a layer of fat now!)


Carb-cycle your food – meaning days you train heavy eat more carbs, days you train cardio eat lower carbs and days you don’t train eat no carbs – this utilises the carbs you’re eating and allows your body to burn fat like crazy!

This is how you become ‘lean’

Need more specific one on one help from me?!?! 

It’s already that time again to take on another 4 girls for my 4 week H&FP’s so if you ARE looking to learn what to eat and when email me now for more information;

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel x 13413967_10206582111970860_1635309559_n.jpg

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