10k Wedding Budget Breakdown

If you thought this blog might be about how to make your wedding under 10k it most certainly IS NOT!

As you know I LOVEEEE Pintrest and I saw a pin that had a breakdown for weddings titled – ‘The 10k Wedding Budget Breakdown’

I clicked on it – not because I want my wedding to be under 10k (ppffttt times that by 4 and we are nearly there) but because I was fascinated on how the hell it is even possible??!!?

The link listed each category with a limit you should spend if you were to have a wedding for 10K

Brides Attire: $1000 – With this budget it’s a second hand pair of Manolo Blahniks and a birthday suit. (alternations not included)

Rings: $200 – Pretty sure this is just the petrol money and parking to go around looking at rings right?!

Photo&Video: $1000 – I just can’t even.

Catering $1,500 – okay so I have 50 people lets do the Maths – 1,500 divided by 50 = 30 Per Head – Welcome to my wedding – entree is water, main is a bread roll and dessert is a slither of ice cream cake.

This was only some of the ridiculous list and it started to make me angry – this isn’t real life!! No wonder new brides-to-be are always shocked when it comes to weddings because they are misguided on costs.

I know everyone’s financial situation is different, I know people don’t want to spend a lot of money on weddings, I understand this and there is 100% ways to cut cost by doing a lot of DIY’s such as arch’s, sign boards, centre pieces ect…. BUT those above figures are a load of poppy cock.


-Know what you want: I don’t just mean sort of, kind of ,have a rough idea of what you want, narrow that shit down before locking a place in. Where, when and all the usual yes but also what type of chairs, tables, colours, signage, flowers, decorations – the more you know the better so you can ask what will be included with your venue and what will be extra. I didn’t do this and I have a dumb amount of extra that I just assumed would of been included.

-Don’t budget: I know it sounds ridic but not as ridic as trying to stick to a 10k wedding and stressing out! Don’t rush the wedding – figure out what you want – save for it then do it that way you aren’t putting yourself under financial strain. Don’t go spending big on things that wont matter at the end of the day, but you don’t want to look back thinking damn I wish I spend that extra few thousand on a videographer. After all you only get one wedding right!?!

-Trust your gut: I’ve had to question a few things in the process and it has saved me over 1K simply by speaking up.

-Pintrest: Perfect for inspiration but just like all form of social media can be filled with rubbish like how to have a 10k wedding.

Anywho that is what I’ve found so far – less then two month away and I’m starting to feel like a wedding guru!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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