Fat Shaming, when is it okay?

Fat Shaming.

It’s a harsh word that is almost voodoo between females –  we should never put someone down because of their size…

Should we?

When is fat shaming okay?

It’s an interesting and touchy topic that got brought up at our weekly RF meeting – what are our views on ‘Fat Shaming’…

I see three sides to the story.

#1 I see a bigger girl trying their absolute hardest every training session, they are motivated and know they are over weight… Although this person may be bigger they are only starting their journey and KNOW they need to change to help them live a longer happier life – this person does not deserve to get fat shamed she should get a f*cking applause for willing to admit change needs to happen and for having the balls to step up and do something about it – gyms can be a scary and intimidating environment so kudos to you!!

#2 I see a bigger girl not giving a flying f*ck about their looks, being a complete slob, eating take out every night and sitting on their fat a** ready for an early death…

…well there you go I just fat shamed. 

If this person doesn’t care about their life enough to want to change maybe the only thing that will actually make them open their eyes is to stop pussy footing around the topic and call them out on it – you are fat and you are killing yourself.

#3 The third side to the story is the complete opposite – I hate and I mean HATE the fact that it is totally okay to ‘skinny shame’ – if someone DOES loose weight or are naturally small it doesn’t take long for someone to say ‘You’re getting too skinny’‘Don’t loose anymore weight’‘You’re fading away’You need to eat a burger’– lets put these comments in the reflected light…


God could you imagine!!! IF it is deemed rude to comment on someones size and shape I feel like this should include ALL sizes and ALL shapes.

What about if when you see someone working their arse off whether big or small instead of being a judgmental a**hole (which is hard because I swear it’s lodged in the female DNA) compliment them – it will not kill you…

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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