The brownlow, the night of nights in the AFL world is now a time where we get to see the beautiful WAGS and who is wearing what, sure I believe we are entitled to our own opinion’s – if I don’t like something I’d turn to Matt and tell him ‘Oh I don’t like that!’ – I think it happens naturally to observe and form an opinion on what was observed.

What I don’t believe is okay is the 100’s of photos and comments I saw on social media criticising these girls for their outfit choices – sure have an opinion like I said above but don’t take it to the world of social media and bully someone who thinks they look a million bucks – it’s just f*cking wrong.

Using myself as an example but I’m sure many of you can relate at some point of your life – my wedding day I felt SO beautiful, I loved everything about the way I looked, the style of my dress, the way my body looked in it, my hair and make up (even tho it melted off) – similar to the red carpet I was the centre of attention.

Imagine logging onto social media the next day having comments left on my photos like ‘You look to skinny, that dress is ugly, what were you thinking?’

Do you think that would be a thing nice to see? Do you think it would affect me?

Why does it give anyone the right to bully/judge someone from behind the computer screen?


I tell you what these girls on the red carpet must have some thick skin so kudos to them – again for loving themselves in a world that’s constantly telling them not to.

It just really rubs me up the wrong way.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X (AKA disgruntled bridey)

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