Vodka sodas, dancing on tables and how I don’t give AF.

So on Saturday night I went out and had way to many vodka sodas.

Like at least 10 too many.

I remember way back when I first became a PT and I went out and someone saw me drinking and called me out on it saying that as a PT I shouldn’t be out drinking I should be at home setting a good example for ‘potential clients’. It took me back a little bit – I almost felt guilty thinking maybe they are right!? From there I felt a little insecure about it – thinking I would get judged.

It took me about a year to not give a f*ck.

For the simple fact I rarely go out. (I’m lucky to go out once to twice every 2 months) When I am with my friends yes, I like to have a drink and dance all night long and you know what I think it is setting a perfectly good example for other girls out there.

It shows that health and fitness needs to be apart of your life in a healthy balanced way. I love training, I love eating and occasionally I love dancing on tables (okay that hasn’t happened for a while but if it did my friends probably wouldn’t be that surprised!)

There is too much pressure to eat clean 100% of the time, train every single day and live like a hermit all for a lousy 6 pack.

Trust me, unless you have a specific cut off dead line/goal, I’ve been there and it isn’t fun nor worth it. It isn’t maintainable long term and when you eventually fall off the wagon (which you will) and binge your heart out you’ll end up worse off.

What is worth it is catching up with your friends, having a laugh, having a dance, and dealing with your hangover the next day with some chips and gravy then getting right back into it Monday like a boss ass b*tch.

It you start eating donuts daily, drinking every night, training once a week then sure don’t expect to feel that great and 100% don’t expect change.

My body is the best it has ever been all because I know balance – I know I don’t need to train every day, I know eating well 80% of the time will keep me lean, I know that lifting heavy is the bomb, I know that a cheeky donut here or there wont effect the way my body looks, I know I can go out socially every now and again without it setting me back from my goals – it all keeps me sane and it is maintainable long term.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

PS – to the judgey a**hole who told me I shouldn’t be drinking cheers.*insert martini glass emoji*

The IDEAL training program

There are so many options when it comes to working out BUT what we all really want to know is WHAT WORKS BEST?

Because the fitness is jam packed with so many fitness hypes how are suppose to know what works and what doesn’t?

How are we supposed to train? How many times a week? What sort of training should we be doing? What sort of weights? What sorts of reps? How much cardio? Should we be running? HELP!!

I literally saw an exercise program where you wear these bouncy shoe things and jump around for 45 minutes?!?!


At the end of the day any exercise program will help you burn calories thus (if eating correctly) helping you drop some weight.

BUT we have come too far to simply want to sweat and drop a couple – we are now at a stage where we want to see improvements in strength, flexibility and movement – we want to be able to do badass things and have our body looking lean and toned.


If you are doing the SAME training session EVERY session your body will adapt and you’ll notice at the start your body was changing but after a month or so you’ll plateau because your body is smarter then you think – it remembers the movements, the weights and the reps. IT becomes familiar with the movements and won’t find it difficult anymore.

This is usually where you think it isn’t working (which it isn’t) then quit.

So how do we stop this from happening?

For starters stop going to the gym every day for an hour and doing pointless crap.

You’re wasting your time and dollars.

Hit 4 HARD sessions a week. ***Key word HARD!

I’ve said this before but you can’t just do all cardio or all strength – you need to combine them.

And by strength I mean lift some serious heavy shit – not a pump class with a 15kg barbell that’ll get you know where.


Here is a little snippet of what your weeks worth of training SHOULD look like to get continual progression and results AKA hot AF….

Session #1: Lower body focus combining the following: STRENGTH – accessory work – with a 10 minute finisher – 10 minute stretching.

Sessions #2: Upper focus combining the following: Strength – accessory work -with a 10 minute finisher – 10 minute stretching.

Session #3: Hardio (cardio)– Move, sweat and hate life until after the session where you feel epic and sexy AF. 20 minute stretch.

Session #4: Fun shit & 20 minute stretch.
(session 3 & 4 can be switched)

Tel – What the actual f*ck does that even mean?

SESSIONS #1 & #2
Strength = The main lift you want to progress and get stronger with = Squat, deadlift, bench press are the ones I’m working on with my gals atm. And although it is the same strength movement every week it does get varied with different weights, reps and variations of the actual movement (box squats, sumo deads, pause bench press)

Accessory work = The muscles that help get the above lift better – there is so many accessory muscles so every session can be different. Keeping goals in mind is the main focus here!

Finisher = A short sharp 10 minute finisher that will leave you sweaty and your heart pumping out your chest – relate it back to the sessions you just did and use powerful high impact movements e.g sleds, battle rope, skipping, box jump, all kettle bell movements.

Stretch = well that’s pretty self explanatory – if you want to get better this is super important don’t just put effort into the start and fluff off the stretching (unless you want to hurt yourself and become super tight and sore of course!)

1 hour hardio – heartrate goes up and down mix it up every week BUT sweat baby sweat!

1 hour of fun sh*t – training doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be a choir! Fun sh*t can mean 2 things – 1 You’re in the gym doing exercises you enjoy or want to perfect or want to become more defined for me any carries, core, back and shoulders. OR 2 you’re out of the gym hiking, surfing, walking the dogs, swimming, yoga – trying something fun and new. It is a great way to spend your weekends and it can be done with family or friends (and fur babies).

Tel – Okay so I get sessions #3 and #4 but in sessions #1 & #2 how many reps should I do and how many sets should I do? And how do I know which exercise are best for me? And how do I do those exercises?

IF you are a HEARTCORE girl reading this – DW I’ve got all the complicated stuff in your two HEARTCORE sessions already you just need to get there and make sessions 3 & 4.

IF you aren’t a HEARTCORE girl – I work off percentages and rep ranges to get the most out of my girls, I look for weak points and improve them to turn my girls into lean, strong, fast weapons. Make sure EVERY exercise relates back to your main goal – never just do any exercise for the hell of it – it needs to have a purpose or what’s the point?

Want specifics on the IDEAL TRAINING PROGRAM perfect for you?

Watch this space because in the up coming months I’ll be working on releasing E-books/webpage/forum for y’all based on YOUR personal goals with the rep ranges, percentages, food guides and workouts. All done can be home at your own time in your home or gym (yew!)

All you need to do is make sure you have filled out the form below to be updated with all the info and to be apart of the pre-launch (double yew!) *Be quick pre-launch numbers are limited…

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

MY addiction.

Okay so y’all know I’m alllllll about balance aka train hard, eat well and have a cheeky donut for your soul.

Problem is post wedding there isn’t ANY balance there is bulk chocolate, minimal training and maximal ice cream and man I feel like sh*tttt!

And that’s what I (and many of us) do – work hard to get to a certain point – achieve it and then fall off the wagon for a couple weeks and you know what IT.IS.OKAY, down time is healthy, time down is good, down time is needed…. AS LONG AS YOU PICK YOUR SELF BACK UP!

After a couple weeks of eating crap and hardly training my body gets to a certain point where it wants to get back into it and I know I need to pull my head in and so I do!

I’m not going to lie and pretend I’m miss fitness who trains everyday and eats nothing but chicken and broccoli for every meal because that’s not me and never will be! (sorry!)

Anywhoooo long story short – after polishing off a block of Rolo chocolate and 2 snickers ice creams I decided its time. The next day I got myself a small A3 book wrote down some fitness and life goals – nothing major food related.

If I’m eating like an unsupervised child at a 5-year-old party everyday WHY not food related?

Because the thing is I just need a break from chocolate it isn’t rocket science. I don’t like over complicating stuff, like you know when you get all motivated and you write down how clean you are going to eat with no dairy, no carbs, strictly salad blah blah when in fact all you just need to do is cull the main culprit (for me chocolate) you over plan and just don’t follow it. So I plan for fitness and life goals instead with one simple, slightly depressing ‘no chocolate rule until Christmas rule’. (Yes – I’m seriously off the choccy until Christmas!)

I’ve written up my next 8 week block of training with the goals to prove that I (females) can get stronger and leaner without looking ‘bulky’.

My lifts as of today after a few weeks off are:

90kg straight bar dead lift
80kg squat
50kg bench

So watch this space to keep updated to see if I’ve killed anyone due to the lack of chocolate, strength programming and world domination 😉

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

P.S Is this the sign you needed to pull your head in too?