MY addiction.

Okay so y’all know I’m alllllll about balance aka train hard, eat well and have a cheeky donut for your soul.

Problem is post wedding there isn’t ANY balance there is bulk chocolate, minimal training and maximal ice cream and man I feel like sh*tttt!

And that’s what I (and many of us) do – work hard to get to a certain point – achieve it and then fall off the wagon for a couple weeks and you know what IT.IS.OKAY, down time is healthy, time down is good, down time is needed…. AS LONG AS YOU PICK YOUR SELF BACK UP!

After a couple weeks of eating crap and hardly training my body gets to a certain point where it wants to get back into it and I know I need to pull my head in and so I do!

I’m not going to lie and pretend I’m miss fitness who trains everyday and eats nothing but chicken and broccoli for every meal because that’s not me and never will be! (sorry!)

Anywhoooo long story short – after polishing off a block of Rolo chocolate and 2 snickers ice creams I decided its time. The next day I got myself a small A3 book wrote down some fitness and life goals – nothing major food related.

If I’m eating like an unsupervised child at a 5-year-old party everyday WHY not food related?

Because the thing is I just need a break from chocolate it isn’t rocket science. I don’t like over complicating stuff, like you know when you get all motivated and you write down how clean you are going to eat with no dairy, no carbs, strictly salad blah blah when in fact all you just need to do is cull the main culprit (for me chocolate) you over plan and just don’t follow it. So I plan for fitness and life goals instead with one simple, slightly depressing ‘no chocolate rule until Christmas rule’. (Yes – I’m seriously off the choccy until Christmas!)

I’ve written up my next 8 week block of training with the goals to prove that I (females) can get stronger and leaner without looking ‘bulky’.

My lifts as of today after a few weeks off are:

90kg straight bar dead lift
80kg squat
50kg bench

So watch this space to keep updated to see if I’ve killed anyone due to the lack of chocolate, strength programming and world domination 😉

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

P.S Is this the sign you needed to pull your head in too?

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