How to beat miserable – THE CYCLE.

Isn’t it funny how the world says eating a strict diet and partaking in a gruelling fitness regime will make us happy?

I feel like deep down we know this isn’t true – yet we fall to social insecurities and decide to listen to the media and the world – the whole world can’t be wrong?! All those hot insta babes with rocking rigs must be happy, they wouldn’t lie to us!

So we start ‘the cycle’.

The cycle?

The cycle is something I’ve picked up on after training gals in the fitness industry – it goes a little something like this…

Phase #1:

Over train & under eat.

We are motivated and ready to finally ‘change’ ya know because society says we have to, because we aren’t supposed to train for goals or love our bodies. (#dafaq)

We train, really f*cking hard. Sweat is our new middle name – there is no stopping us. We hit every session, everyday. We eat, well kind of – okay mostly salad, veggies and chicken – carbs are the devil (we don’t need energy, we need to fit in the smallest size possible by summer.) #duh

Continue Phase one for 3-4 weeks.

Phase #2

Over eat & under train.

We loose motivation due to being overtrained and under fed – we’ll make one session this week then have a good think as to why we can’t train for the rest of the week…

‘My legs are sore, I need to cook dinner, I didn’t have a good sleep, I’ll go tomorrow, It’s my dogs birthday.’

Not to mention we are hangry (literally the worst thing a female can be) and tired and not only fall off the bandwagon but down the side of the cliff face hitting every rock and chocolate bar on the way down.

This week (or two) was a total write off we swear to get back ‘into’ in Monday.


Sh*t girls what the f*ck are we doing?!?!

Why do we have to over plan, over commit and over do everything?

Not saying those above qualities are bad (I get most of my best stuff done over planning) but when it comes to our health and ‘the cycle’ it only leaves are feeling miserable and defeated… yet again.

We’ve done it a million and one times what makes us think the outcome will change this time? Why are we trying the same sh*t that didn’t work last time?




Train 3-4 times a week for your fitness goals; get stronger, fitter and more badass with every session. Don’t train to get skinny, that’s not motivation, that’s deprivation.

Have rest days where you sit on your nicely sculpted a*s and do nothing – okay you got me here, by do nothing I clearly mean what as much Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as possible! 😉


If you train like a bada*s you need to eat like one. Bada*ses don’t live off salads.

Stop eating ‘clean’ and ‘raw’ and start eating real foods – meat, carbs, greens. If you’re eating real foods 80% of the time and go out for dinner and have an entrée, main and dessert IT IS OKAY! If you’re eating real foods 80% of the time and decide you want a donut IT IS OKAY!


Actually it’ll probably make you look better AND keep you sane.

So stop feeling guilty about it.

I know we are always striving for perfection; it’s great to set out to do amazing things but when it comes to bodies stop putting it through the cycle, stop being miserable and learn to love yourself, even just a little bit – so much can come from it – just you wait and see.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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