Secrets to a lean, sexy AF body…..

I bang on about motivation, training and well all kinds of fantastic sh*t really but who am I?

You probably know I’m a trainer but what sorts of training do my gals and myself do to keep us looking lean?

I thought I’d give you a Sneak Peak into my HEARTCORE style of training – finally a training style THAT WORKS!

WHAT? Combination of Pilates, Strength & Hardio finishers


Pilates DRAMATICALLY improves core strength – while helping with every single movement you do, it also gives you a great mid-section #yehboi

Strength burns a f*ck load of calories – wearing my heart rate watch my heart rate is higher during strength work then it is during hardio… It also continues to burn calories once I’m done. Strength makes you feel badass, defines muscles to give you sexy everything and is progressive so you can see yourself improving. You want the results you haven’t got yet? Starting lifting. 0% of my girls are ‘bulky’ from introducing strength training – I have girls that can squat 100kg, deadlift 140kg & bench press 65kg – none of them weighing any more then 55-65kgs.

Hardio finishers to improve strength lifts by working on endurance and accessory muscles but also to sweat baby, sweat and build up your fitness – it’s tough but it makes you feel good! You don’t need hours of gruelling hardio for results I learnt that the hard way – I was smashing cardio a couple hours a day (it’s hard to imagine now!) I had no definition and look ‘meh’ – don’t get me wrong my fitness levels were through the roof but I didn’t really need fitness levels, I mean yes it’s good to be fit but for my goals I wanted to look lean and defined. **These finishers are done at 110% intensity GO HARD OR GO HOME.

This balanced combo ensures we target the EXACT needs of females training to look lean, toned & badass.

I created this style of training because I was frustrated with the options out there – there was no such thing at pilates/strength/hardio BUT I knew that’s what got results so it didn’t make sense to me?!? So what does one do? Create their very own baby, their very own style of training.

Here is an example for you all to try:


WARM UP: Mobility work first 5 minutes.

PILATES X4 rounds – rest for 30 seconds between rounds..
Pilates 100
Chest Lift x5
Criss Cross x10 slow x20 fast
Double Straight Leg Stretch x10
Bum Lift x10
Single Leg Stretch with a clap x10
(check out the video attached below for a demo of each exercise)

STRENGTH: x3-4 sets:
RDM (Romanian deadlift)@40/50kg x10
Super Set with
Kettlebell Lunges @16kg in each hand x8/8
(check out my IG post)

HARDIO: 15 minutes to complete:
10-1 (start at 10 reps of each exercise & work your way down to 1 rep)
Lunge Jump, Lunge Jump, Squat Jump =1
Kettlebell Swing @ 24kg
Mountain Climber (100,90,80…)
Single Kettlebell over head press @ 20kg

(check out my IG sotry for this in super fast mode)

10 minutes of yoga/foam rolling to finish.

Like this and want more? I’m at capacity ATM but DW I’m working on my next baby of online programming that can be done anywhere, anytime (wew!) I want errrrone walking around feeling confident, strong & sexy!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

BTW – HARDIO is what I call CADRIO, for those newbies – anyone that has been following me for a while now knows this lol

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