I’m back BABY!

After a bloody shitty (literally), overwhelmingly busy start to the year I can finally say I feel on top of everything!!!

My UC up until 3 weeks ago was the same – keeping me up ALL night, zero energy, I felt sad, depressed and so unlike me. It was really weighing me down. It’s crazy what the brain and body are capable of – I don’t actually know how I was functioning.

So what has changed since my last check in with UC?

I saw Nat (naturopath) and she switched around my supps – and also recommended I go off the pill.

Going off the pill is scary as fuck but I think what was scarier was realising I had been on it for 12 years – non-stop. Like many girls my age we don’t really think we just pop the little pill every morning and be done with it… FOR 12 BLOODY YEARS!!! Without know anything in-depth about the pill and how it works when you stop to think for a second you know it couldn’t be good for you long term.

The way Nat explained it was that long term it can take a toll on your liver, when this happens your bodies immune system works harder in the liver to protect it and keep it functioning properly and then this leaves other areas of your body exposed and unprotected from other nasties e.g my inflamed and ulcerated intestine…. This made complete sense and although I DO NOT WANT TO GET PREGNANT at all I’m willing to try anything and you only ovulate for a small time frame an app is helping me monitor this… fingers crossed it reliable lol. #nottryingtogetpregnant #dontgetexcitedmum

I also saw a laser Acupuncturist Dr. Relph. I explained to him my situation and he was awesome – in the sense the he agreed with my theory or trying natural option before taking medications. He wants to treat me 5 or so times and see how it goes – like with everything I’m trying it is not guaranteed but he has helped people in the past and it surely won’t hurt.

The way laser acupuncture works relates back to Chinese medicine from what I’ve read – your body has energy flows that circulate around – things like UC block these flows and create dampness in the body, the laser acupuncture accesses different points around the body to encourage energy flow and help any inflammation (dampness) e.g again my inflamed and ulcerated intestine.

I’ve read multiple books now relating back to the body, gut and brain and how they co-exist and relate back to each other. The more you read the more information you can take out and try – they all had one common thing relating back to gut health – food. Not any sort of food but fermented food and the positive effects it has on the gut. So I added in fermented foods such as apple cider vinegar every morning before breaky and I’ll try and have some sauerkraut or kim chi through out the day at some point. I’m still not eating read meat, dairy, seeds/nuts BUT have been adding in x1 black coffee in the morning (not everyday but most) and a little bit of choccy. – try opening a business without caffeine and chocolate – not possible lol and I now know my limits so no more blocks of chocolate usually a freddo will be okay though.

3 times a week I have been using Royale Wellness Studio’s infrared saunas for 45 minutes at about 60 degrees and I sweat my balls off. I leave glowing and energised yet has me sleeping like a goddamn baby (it feels so amazing to sleep I could almost cry!). You need to remember your skin is your biggest organ – so if I’m looking after my biggest organ by detoxing it, it allows my body to focus more on what’s happening inside.

Fast-forward 3 weeks of following the above and I FEEL AMAZING!!!!!

Okay so amazing for me means only sitting on the toilet as soon as I wake up for like 10 minutes and maybe 1-2 during the day but no blood and still being slightly nervous to leave the house on long trips and I’m very cautious about what is in foods and my energy is yo-yo-ing but mostly up, when its down I crash pretty hard. So overall I’m feeling about 80% and 90% on a good day.

I’m in no means ‘cured’ UC has no cure – you just have ‘flares’ and go into a bit of a remission AND I THINK I’M IN THAT REMISSION!

I feel like me again…… (most days)

SO MIDDLE FINGER UP TO THE MOTHER FUCKING DOCTOR WHO SAID I COULDN’T BEAT IT NATURALLY AND WITH DIET, you can shove those steroids and lifetime medications up your ass.

I did it.

Not only did I do it but I researched everything solo, I also managed to paint the equivalent of a whole house and open Royale Wellness Studio (with the help of the most supportive husband in the world) whilst working full time at RF and maintaining a house PLUS studying and passing a Pilates Course with the reformer course to follow this weekend.


*Mic drops*

Busy is never an excuse.

Life likes to throw shit at us, not to make us sad or to beat us down but to challenge us – to see our reaction and how we deal with it, my reaction was not to throw in the towel. My reaction was to research every aspect about what I have and beat it. It isn’t about failing it is about f*cking trying. Never give up on yourself.

I’m back baby.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

2 thoughts on “I’m back BABY!

  1. Relfie is awesome, got my migraines under control, drug free!! He’s my first port of call for everything!!! Love acupuncture!!
    Listen to your own body, it will tell you everything you need to know!!
    Great job on your part 👊🏼


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