White Jeans & Ulcerative Colitis -Traveling With UC.

AS you know my UC flare was kept at bay – I was only having issues first thing in the AM.

Traveling to the states made me slightly nervous but I refused to let this bowel disease stop me from something I do and love so much – TRAVEL!

Our flight was 9am in the morning – arriving at the airport 3 hours before. I knew this was prime time for toilet stops and my UC didn’t disappoint. Driving through Taylors Hill my gut rumbles and makes this dropping sensation.

Here we bloody go.

I knew there was a Maccas coming up – I give Matt warning to pull a U turn at the next set of light to get to the Maccas that was on the other side of a main road. The lights seemed to take forever, and ever. At Green, me leaning over in agony trying not to let UC win I urge Matt to go fasterthe poor thing just what you need at 6am a crazy wife yelling at you, we get to Maccas I run and make it. Thank.f*ck.

Although I haven’t eaten McDonalds since 2013 I’ve recently been in them nearly every car outing – they may have shit food but they have stopped me from shitting myself a bulk load of times so I’m actually super thankful there is so many of them!!

Fast forward to check in – something I’ve thought about – a 15 hour red eye flight and a NON isle seat – ehhhhhhh wouldn’t of thought so. I ask for an isle seat and also got upgraded to premium economy so I got to sit with Matt, both things a win. I love the window seat though so this sucks.

The 15 hour flight my gut behaved, again because I know I’m so food triggered I thought ahead, (like with the isle seat ) I had pre selected that I was vegan for the in flight meals – thinking it was a safer option. I ate one of 3 meals – I’m weird with plane food anyways and when a couple of them had beans and trigger foods I opted against it. I had garbage guts next to me who was more then happy to finish off what I didn’t.

America – USA – the known land of unhealthy, fatty foods and well it didn’t disappoint.

I fasted nearly every morning just so I didn’t have to think about breakfast and so I was in the room for breakfast time while my UC was at it worst. One particular day we were both up and decided to head out for breaky in peak UC time, already an ambitious idea, as was wearing white jeans.

I only select restaurants with toilets – this one had one, perfect lets get breaky burritos, I’ll order then go to the loo.

There was a lady in front of me taking forever and the urge hitting in really f*cking quick, that’s okay I’ll go the toilet first then come back and order. The toilet needed a token – I go into panic mode knowing full well my stomach can’t hold on for much longer – I got back to the desk and excuse myself as I interrupt and ask for a token then rush back to the toilet – figuring out the dumb token door was a nightmare and left me a little to late, in white jeans. Yup. The glamorous life of UC. Defeated I try and clean myself up and make my way back to Matt preying there is no one behind me – he knows by the look on my face. Thankfully we weren’t far from our apartment and my Loui is big as I walked with it covering my butt the whole way home. Great start to the day that was.

That was the worst that happened on the trip but by the end of the week I was really feeling my UC kick in – I wasn’t watching what I was eating – burgers, hotdogs, fries, pizza – you name it I ate it – I’m not letting UC ruin my trip I’ll eat what I want! I was ratshit by the end. My poor tummy.

The flight home there was no isle seat left in economy and I had to upgrade to premium economy – not a bad thing I must admit. The way home I NEEDED that isle seat so I’m glad I made the upgrade– another red eye flight this time my stomach didn’t cope as well. I didn’t eat a thing on the 15 hour flight besides these weird vegan cookies they gave me – wasn’t worth making my tummy any worse. It was gurgling and what felt like a bubbling sensation the whole way home. I never noticed the toilet on a flight before I certainly did on this flight – every time I wanted to use one I guarantee it was lit up as red meaning it was taken. Knowing my UC kicks in super quick this makes me uneasy not having direct access but I coped.

Arriving home my stomach was unsettled for a couple days I just didn’t really eat to give it a bit of a rest, that and I have some mad jet lag (currently writing this at 5am) so don’t really have an appetite.

It seems to be settled now – traveling with UC is hard – there are so many things I never use to worry about and take for granted that almost run my life now. Is there a toilet? Is there a line? Does it flush? Is there toilet paper? Have I packed tissues just in case? Have I been to the toilet yet? (If no be prepped that’ll come while I’m out) Will this food make me sick? What can I eat? Maybe I just won’t eat? Will I be toilet-less and okay? (e.g on tours, long car rides) lots of different and new things but you know what I’m not letting it get me down, I still got to see a beautiful place with the love of my life and for that I’m super grateful.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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