Ain’t No F*cking ‘GIRL BOSS’


I’m done.

Before I start as usual my sh*t may offend you and that’s fine – perhaps stop reading my sh*t?

I’ve been to airports A LOT of them, multiple times. Without hesitation I will always find myself in the bookshops, I enjoy floating around to see what’s out there and usually end up in the business section, I LOVE business and motivation books they really get me pumped and motivated about life – especially ones about mindset and marketing.

Okay Tel you read and enjoy business books – applause for you – how is this offensive?

Well wait for it…..

Every single time I look for a business book written by a FEMALE the titles are always something along the lines of ‘girl boss’ or have the phases ‘girl, she, women’ in the titles along with a tacky photo of a high heels or pink everywhere.

I F*cking hate it.


I HATE the saying ‘GIRL BOSS’ – Matt actually calls me this simply to get a reaction out of me because he knows how much I can’t stand it!

Uhhhh thinking about it makes me cringe.

Okay before you get your pretty little knickers in a twist let me explain…

I get what the title ‘Girl Boss’ is trying to say – you’re a strong independent women – I get it. We all want to relate to it and use it to empower us and if you are one of those women then that’s bloody great I hope you do succeed and kick life’s ass.

But imagine if we started calling men in business ‘Boy Boss’ – how bloody ridiculous does that sound?

To me, females labelling themselves as ‘Girl Boss’ are only demoralising themselves.

If you’re the boss you are the goddamn boss – why does it matter if you’re female or not? Why must females have to label the fact that they are a female boss? Not just simply the BOSS?

Same as when females are writing a business book why do we feel the need to state our gender in the title or cover it with pink headings and glitter?

Why can’t we simply have a kickarse heading that has nothing to do with our gender?

I think women in business are amazing – I am a woman in business but I refuse to down grade myself to be separate from a man.

I’m not a ‘girl boss’ I’m simply a ‘BOSS’.

Stop down playing your role.

Wake up and kick arse – not because you are a girl but because you are a BOSS.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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