‘Fit Shaming’

This one is for all my girls out there who were unhappy, unfit &/or overweight and decided to take action on their life to gain confidence, health and apparently a lot of criticism….

‘Fit Shaming’ sounds weird doesn’t it?

What could someone possible have against another person for gaining health?

I ask myself the same goddamn time every time I hear it happening.

And you know what it is really starting to piss me off – as I imagine is for the people copping this ‘Fit-Shaming’.

But first what is it?

Here let me give you a clue and see if you have ever been a victim of ‘Fit Shaming’ or even worse someone who actually fit shames…

‘You aren’t going to loose any more weight are you? You’ll look too skinny’

‘You should stop lifting weights because you’ll get to bulky’

‘Why do you exercise you are already skinny enough?’

‘You are too young to be doing that’

‘You are too old to be doing that’

‘You don’t look like you exercise’

‘Don’t you know how to have fun?’

‘I can’t believe you’d rather go workout then go out for dinner and drinks –what is wrong with you?’

‘Lifting weights isn’t good for girls’

‘You’ve really lost all of your boobs haven’t you?’

‘Skip the gym, you’ve already been 2 times this week you don’t want to get to addicted it isn’t healthy’

‘Eating healthy is too expensive’

‘Training is too expensive’

‘Why don’t you want McDonalds for dinner? Do you have an eating disorder?’

‘Is that all you’re having for lunch?’

And usually the ones that aren’t directly to your face are:

‘OMG have you seen …. She is looking gross, she has taken it too far’

‘What is with all her gym sefies, who gives a sh*t, she doesn’t even look that good’

‘Apparently she has an eating disorder and doesn’t eat ANY takeout’

‘I can’t believe she exercises nearly every day, she is going to over do it – it isn’t healthy’

‘As if she can eat that and still look fit? She must throw it up straight after’

OH MY GOD – Need I go on?!?!?!?!


WE don’t want to hear it!

The people that say this kind of garbage are usually uneducated, overweight people unhappy with themselves who can’t stand that fact that other people are actually succeeding in health and life that are looking and feeling really bloody good!!!!!

If you’ve gone through a transformation of your own you may let these comments get to you and start questioning yourself – DON’T.

You also may see friend groups change as you go through this transformation – GOOD! Don’t let this make you feel ‘bad’. You are separating yourself from these negative people whilst then surrounding yourself with people who want to see you succeed, who motivate you, inspire you and encourage you – who share the same beliefs as you.

Training is healthy.

Not wanting to consume rubbish is healthy.

And most importantly confidence is healthy.

So next time someone questions you and the way you look, reverse their snide remarks and flip the question back onto them because I’m damn sure they wouldn’t like to be told

‘You aren’t going to put on any MORE weight are you?? You’re getting too fat!’

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel x

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