Fit Gal’s Ultimate Christmas List…

Dry Shampoo – We like you all think our hair is clean, when we really haven’t washed it in almost 4 days – we don’t see the point when we know its only going to get sweaty again.

ActiveWear – You may think we have enough activewear….. but we don’t! If it starts with ‘L’ you get brownie points…. ** cough ** Lululemon ** cough, cough ** Lorna Jane.

Runners – These are a tough personal selection so why not leave the selecting up to us and opt for a foot locker or rebel voucher so we don’t end up with god knows what, which we’ll be forced to wear only because we love you to much to tell you.

Bobby pins and Hair Ties – There is nothing worse then feeling your rats tail hanging in the breeze with no bobby pin to secure that sh*t up – and if we break a hair tie – it’ll be our last hair tie and it’ll be mid training session, sure other girls will have spares but we are better off asking for their blood.

Laser Hair Removal Voucher – Shaving is so pre-training days & we are sick of getting caught with our arms up and a 5 o’clock shadow, plus knowing you are hairless give you one less thing to worry about while doing yoga in little shorties.

Socks – as ridiculous as this sounds socks are a necessity – Why? a) You don’t realise how expensive they are until you move out of home and mum stops buying them and b) One always seems to go missing?!

If you think you are being cute by buying us a 5kg kettlebell we are more then likely going to knock you over the head with it, b*tch please.

Peanut Butter – I don’t know there is something about peanut butter and fitness that just go hand in hand. Actually there is something about peanut butter and EVERYTHING that go hand in hand.

Massage Voucher – If you aren’t willing to massage our sore, aching, tired muscles that’s fine leave it to a professional – 1 hour full body please & thank you!

And if none of those tickle your fancy we are ALWAYS keen for a puppy.

Girls, share this & save your partner from buying you a crap present this year.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

P.S IF you’re searching for the perfect gift for your loved one you can’t go past the gift of health & happiness…. take the quiz below to find the ideal Chrissy Pressie for your loved ones


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