Y’all know I love sugary foods – and for a chocoholic Easter is a dangerous time of year.

An even more dangerous situation is when it is Easter AND you are going away for the long weekend!


Well you know when you leave the house wether it is an over night trip or a week away it is automatically holiday time and Calories don’t count.

It’s like an unwritten rule.

Like at airports – doesn’t matter what time of day it is it is totally socially acceptable to drink or in my case eat a packet of peanut M&M’s at any time of day.

So I want to give you my TOP SECRETS on how I DON’T blow out on holidays and still eat whatever the f*ck I want.

1 – FASTING: Not eating for a prolonged period of time (12-16 hours) gives your digestive system a chance to catch up on all the crap you’ve been shovelling in, will leave you feeling flatter, more energetic and you’ll actually feel hungry when you eat!

Miss breakfast all together…. The first meal is lunch – this option will save you time, money and calories. No rushing to get up and get out to find somewhere for breakfast – no paying for breakfast – more calories to consume later in the day.

So if you are a huge breakfast lover this already sounds horrible and you are ready to click da faq out of this post BUT WAIT!!!!! You can STILL have breaky! Just push it back a little bit – instead of having it as soon as you wake up wait until 11-12 and have ‘Brunch’

Good for two reasons:
#1 give you energy without a shit tonne of calories
#2 travelling can leave you constipated (I obviously don’t have this problem) but I use to and I know many women suffer the same thing too – have a black coffee in the morning and it should ease any toilet trouble and leave you feeling a little lighter!

3 – SWEAT:
If you have access to a gym that’s awesome! Jump onto my insta (@chantelmaree) and under ‘Workouts’ in my highlisys I got you covered. If you are in the middle of bum f*ck or somewhere without a gym and all you have is your body I got you to 😉
If you know movement you know the basic body weight exercises right? Like squat, push up, lunge, sit up etc…. write a list of x10 exercises in the notes section of your phone. Each morning choose x3 exercises. With these x3 exercises complete x10 reps of each. Complete 3-5 rounds. Sweat done!

4 – WALK:
Everywhere as much as you can! You are in no rush walk 2km to get your coffee and some lunch – who cares! JUST WALK!

It is likely you wont eat as many veggies as you usually would so I find a travel friendly aka can fit in my handbag greens sup (I use the brand we stock at RF 7.2 Greens Caps) it is an easy way to get my nutrients in.

Pretty self-explanatory eat bigger main meals WITH entrees if you please just don’t snack between. Simples 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’m ALWAYS down for lounging by the pool and laying around (currently in bed in NYC) but it is great to mix things up and try something new – mini golf hell yeah, surfing sure, stand up paddle boarding wicked, hiking aighttt!! Whatever it is get your family, partner or who ever it is with you and take them on an adventure!

And most importantly have fun, be safe and have a good bloody time where ever you are! 

And there you are my secrect to stay lean whilst eating all the delish foods you want 😜

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

I’m stressed, your stressed – we’re all stressed….

We go through hard times, everyone does it’s just a part of life and if we never experienced hard times we would never know nor appreciate the good times…

Everyone’s stresses are different and in my career I hear a so many stories on a weekly basis whether it’s girls drowning in debt, uni, work, events or relationships – the core of these stresses usually involves us trying to juggling and deal with too many things at once or trying to keep everyone happy thus suffering emotionally.

These bricks of stress build daily stacking away, we don’t deal with them, we just keep adding to the pile and before we know it there is a wall. A big arse unstable wall that is about to crash and fall.

Sounds all familiar right?

What people forget is that they are never alone in any situation.

What people also don’t realise is that by pushing the stresses lower and deeper will not make them go away. (as much as we try!)

And what people REALLY don’t understand is that if they address their stresses it can help relieve them. (wait what?)

Some tips on how I juggle my sometimes overwhelming, hectic yet exciting life involve two simple things:

-Ask for help! Sounds simple right? That’s because it is! I’m talking anything from dishes to financial – if you need help, just ask if you’re surrounding yourself with people that love you, they will always be wanting to help take a weight off your shoulders.I know we like to think we can do and handle absolutely everything but truth be told we will be more productive if we just let go of the reins every once and a while – and hey, if the hubby washes the dishes I’m not going to complain!

-Take a break – Every 3 months Matt & I get away, yes we love our business and everyone involved and that’s why we feel it’s an important key – if we are tired, grumpy and stressed it reflects directly back onto the people around us. A week away allows our bodies & mind to re-charge. Can’t get o/s? Maybe a weekend away interstate or at a very minimum a night out with dinner, drinks and a movie…

So where I’m going with this is I get stressed (my body literally started breaking down as a sign to say you need to slow the f*ck down and calm the f*ck down!), you get stressed, the person next to you gets stressed – it’s a part of life don’t let your bricks pile up only just to crash and fall – address the issue and turn your brick wall into a pavement of success.

Stay Strong & Stretch,

Tel X

P.S – On that note I’m off to America first thing tomorrow for some well-deserved R&R but stay tuned for my next blog on how not to blow out on holidays while still eating delish foods and enjoying down time ✌🏼