The Anti-Balance Advocate

‘Balance’ they say – ‘balance’ is shoved in my face every second day.

It is ALL about balance… You gotta create balance..

Mate I can’t even create a decent poo let alone create balance.

But what even is balance?

I see these women who have it all together – they advocate balance – these zen masters who have an amazing husband/partner, a beautiful house, they are always being fit and active and cook impressive healthy meals and treat their body like a goddamn temple, treating themselves with a tiny bit of 90% raw chocolate.

They call this balance.

While I’m over here arguing with Matt about who’s turn it is to feed the dogs, avoiding the pile of washing that is starting to look like Everest (as are my dishes) cooking the same chicken and 90 second microwave rice almost every night and trying my absolute hardest not to eat a whole block of chocolate in one sitting…. Resulting in me eating the whole block, feeling disgusting and having my stomach feel like it is going to implode about 20 minutes later.

And these women (although pretty fucking amazing) make me feel shitty about myself.

I start to think…

‘Why don’t I have ….’

‘Maybe I should start….’

‘I need to create balance’

‘Is that what I am suppose to do?’

Then I catch myself in mid thought and react.

My life is pretty fucking ace AND pretty fucking normal, I mean I can’t be the only one with washing coming out of my ears or perhaps washing lodged in my husbands ears hence why I have to ask him 10 times to take the bins out.

We need to begin to realise we ARE NOT failing because we fed our family 90 second microwave rice for dinner rather then quinoa (I had to google how to spell that.)

In real life balance is a load of crap.

I’m sure people create it – I’m sure it probably feels good for the week they implement it but you know what gets in the way?


And what I’ve found is the more you focus on what you DON’T have and what you are NOT doing the more pressure you put on yourself, the more stressed you get, the more weight you gain, the more sleep you loose, the more motivation plummets, the more you feel like an absolute failure.

What feels truly good is knowing you are doing your best – some days you will have your shit together and other days you won’t – it IS NOT creating balance.

It is simply life.

If you aim to live ‘balanced’ on a tight rope chances are you’ll fall – headfirst and feel really down about it.

If you aim to just live life the best possible way for you – not anyone else – for you and accept that there will be ups and downs you can never fall, you can never fail.

It is simply life.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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