I found a letter addressed to you…

I originally had this blog titled as ‘Dear Future Daughter’ – then I realised I wasn’t writing to her, I was writing to me…

I was writing to you….

I was writing to all the women out there that have ever feel lost, uncertain and unsure.

You were introduced into world to make an impact.


There is not a single soul on this entire planet that is exactly like you!

How amazing is that?!?

Each year your age ticks over – this represents new opportunities, new challenges and new growth.

Each day seems no different from the last but when you look back nothing will be the same.

You will never get today back, remember that – you will never get to go back in time – so never hold back, love hard and be true to you.

Do not make changes to your life to suit others over yourself, do not try and please others if it changes you, do not surround yourself with negative people…

invest in yourself.

Know your worth and never settle for anything less.

Don’t dull your light to let others shine – speak up for what you believe in and trust your gut because I guarantee it is right.

The way you look is the exact way you were supposed to look – your body is beautiful and it is entirely yours.

Do not compare yourself to someone else’s idea of perfect.

Your body keeps you here on this planet – with every inhale comes an exhale, your body loves you and it is okay to love it back.

Be kind to yourself, know that some days will be so dark where you will question every move you make, you will tell yourself these negative things in your head but know that they are just that… in your head.

It will pass for you cannot experience good if you do not go through the bad.

Negative things in life will happen we cannot avoid it but it is how we react to these situations that ultimately shapes us.

Do not let these situations hold you back, learn from these experiences.

Pursue your dreams because it is completely possible to turn them into reality – you are capable of anything.

I truly mean that.

Doesn’t mean it will be easy to achieve, you’ll have to work hard but anything you put your energy towards will get you to where you need to be.

Don’t leave this world with any regrets – this is YOUR world and it is so goddamn short so believe in yourself.

Be confident, stand up tall and proud for there is no one exactly like you – you are one of a kind.

It is okay to say ‘no’.

It seems so simple – two letters, one word.

But it can sometimes be the hardest thing to say – and it is okay – your life will be better off if you say no more often.

And vice versa say ‘yes’.

Say yes to situations that will challenge you and force you to grow, by putting yourself out into the world you are allowing opportunities to arise.

Know that although there is no one exactly like you, doesn’t mean no-one understands you.

Find your tribe, your tribe is the people you can be 110% yourself around.

They love you for being you, they will be honest with you as you are with them, you trust them, they encourage and support you and will love you no matter what – don’t let go of these people.

If you surround yourself with people you are not 110% yourself with these are not your true tribe, these people are holding you back.


If you are not happy with your life it is completely up to you to change it and you can.

Don’t settle for mediocre when you were destined for greatness.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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