‘300 Rep Challenge’ I Challenge YOU!

Bit of a different blog today – more of a content inner circle of RF & #TELSTRIBE post….

I challenged my girls last Wednesday/Thursday – after my tribes strength component of training we always finish with a what I call #hardio finisher – this keeps our fitness in check, works any weaker muscles that need reps in them and burns some serious calories.

I know cardio can be a killah – burpees are not fun and circuits are boring – so by creating little goals for my tribe it takes the focus off ‘cardio’ and on a set target.

I guess it’s like negotiation with your body to do exercises you know will gas you the fuck out but also have in your mind that you want to hit a certain target so you do it anyways.

Resulting in sweat, endorphins and a rig that is ridic. (with the help from strength and pilates to of course.)

The challenge I gave my tribe (and I’m now giving you lovely ladies for your next gym sesh) was a ‘300 Rep Challenge’…

Sounds scary – DW read on.

Their goal (and now your goal) was to complete 300 repetitions in total of the following 5 exercises:

I didn’t care how they made up their reps meaning if they hated running they didn’t have to do any running – if they LOVE pull ups they could just do pull ups the whole time as long as they found the fastest way to reach 300 reps. See 5 exercises below with photo demos.

EXERCISE NO.1: 1 Pull up = 5 reps OR 1 TRX Row = 1 rep


EXERCISE NO.2: 60m Sprint = 5 reps (if you are using a treadmill try and hit 60m OR 15 seconds)

EXERCISE NO.3: Bench Hop = 1 rep each time your feet land on the floor 


EXERCISE NO.4: High plank to squat = 1 rep each time feet come in


EXERCISE NO.5: Front Plank = 5 reps every 30 seconds 


6 sprints = 30 reps
1 minute plank = 10 reps
so you’d be at 40 reps out of 300
Then complete
20 bench hops = 20 reps
5 pull ups = 25 reps
so you’d be at 85 reps out of 300

Using the guide above and the photos to help you distinguish what each exercise is – at your next gym session start your timer on your phone and see how fast you can complete 300 reps.

My Tribes fastest 3 times were:
After this they varied right up to 14 minutes…

5 Minutes of cardio – I ain’t going to argue with that – let me know how you go!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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