Why CLEAN Treats Make You GAIN Weight….


Surely the heading is some sort of typo….

Nope, sorry ladies!!

After helping 100’s of women with their diets it comes up too often.

“Tel, I’m eating really well but my body just isn’t changing”

This usually mean they are doing one of two things:

Either a) the client isn’t eating enough in general and basically starving themselves rather then fuelling the body at the correct times with the correct foods


b) they ARE eating really well but their thought to be ‘healthy’ snacks are holding them back.

The ‘good’ ‘clean’ snack foods aren’t always that great if you want to drop a bit of weight, lean out or tone up.


Deep breath girl read on…..

I see a lot of women who nail their main meals, a great combination of greens, fats, proteins and carbs! #NAILEDIT

And like with all women we have a cheeky little soft spot for sweets and delish goodies – WHICH IS TOTALLY FINE AND NORMAL. BUT the problem arises when we try to fill a sugar-craving void for a ‘healthier’ ‘cleaner’ version of the snack.

Which sometimes we forget are just as, if not MORE calorie dense then your original options.

Let’s take nuts for an example a SUPER common ‘healthy’ snack – and this is true they are indeed healthy but did you know x10 almonds is considered as snack?? (70 calories about the same as chocolate freddo)


Not many people we usually go for a handful, which is nearly 200 calories! (nearly 3 freddos –  I know which one I’d rather)

Obviously yes the nuts do have more nutritional value, vitamins etc then a freddo – BUT if your goal is to drop weight you need to be super mindful the quantities of these healthy snack foods you are eating.

Same goes when we are making our own treats such as raw slices, banana muffins, protein balls – these are ALL very calories dense and you will not find many recipes where the calories are under 100 per serve. (which is scary because I know I never eat just one!) By eating these you make it VERY hard for yourself to loose weight.


You want food that has more bang for it’s buck, one protein ball would never fill me – maybe 3 would (BOOM there is 450 calories right there) – so you want foods that are low in calories but high in volume. You’ll more then likely be having x2 snacks per day and you want them to be aiming for around 100 calories per snack time.


-Carrot sticks (41 calories in a carrot)
-Cobs Pop corn single serve packets (63 calories per packet)
-Rice Cakes salt and vinegar are delish (28 calories per rice cake)
-Can of Tuna in Spring Water (81 calories per tan)
-Small banana (90 calories)

AND if I’m feeling like I want a freddo or chocolate I’LL HAVE IT! (at 80-120 calories)

The key is just not to over complicate your diet – you DON’T need fancy snacks, with ingredients that cost an arm and a leg – keep it simple because it’s maintainable AND IT WORKS!!

Just because something is labelled as ‘CLEAN’ ‘RAW’ ‘NO FAT’ ‘NO SUGAR’ ‘HIGH PROTEIN’ doesn’t mean it is miracle product you can eat endless amounts of.

So if you find you’re eating really well and still not getting the results you want just have a closer look at your snack foods – are you over consuming calories dense foods that are holding you back??

If so no biggie sub if for something in my list from above and watch your results start to happen!

Remember this is what I have found has worked for me and my clients – if you have ANY food intolerances, special needs contact a nutritionist.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

If you died tomorrow…

Life is weird.

Our thoughts are weird.

Humans are weird.

We are put onto this planet, go to school, get a job, work – a whole heap of shit happens between – then we die.

As a summary this so bizarre.

And in the hindsight it is such a short amount of time.

In this short amount of time how much emphasis do you put on irrelevant things?

Like wether you have the latest fashion, how much you weigh, what people thing of you, stressing about things out of your control or stressing about made up scenarios in your head?

And in this short amount of time how much emphases do you put on ‘I wish’ rather then being grateful for the things you have?

Saying, “I wish I looked like that” rather then being grateful for being alive at all.
“I wish I had more money” when you could be appreciating the roof over your head.

I’m guilty of this, I think we all are – it is so easy to get caught up in it all – the trends, the hype, the highlight reels, the guilt, the “I wish” way of thinking or stressing.

In this short amount of time we have on this big ‘ol Earth shouldn’t we spend it striving to make a real positive impact rather then keeping up with the Jones?

We have the power to follow our passions, be our true self – yet it is so easy to settle for what we think we deserve in life rather then going out and getting what we actually deserve because the fear of failing and the fear of what people may think hold us back.

These two fears are made up scenarios in our mind.

Think of it this way, if you were to die tomorrow would you be completely content with what you have achieved?

And with that in mind remember this is your life. If you answered no to the above you are the only person who can change that, what is holding you back??

Reality? Or your false beliefs?

Now imagine a life where you didn’t stress about what people thought of you, you were just your true self and had absolutely no fear of failing – what would happen?

It’s scary right – you know they would judge you – but the funny thing is they wouldn’t.

We get so anxious all the time about what people will think, how they will react and what they will do that we supress out own feelings and emotions as it just seems easier and we gain acceptance.

We literally change who we to impress others.

Yet I feel like if you have to supress and hide your true self because you are afraid of what people will think you are hanging out with the wrong people.

Think about the way you act in front of your Mum – that’s the real you.

Would it be so bad if that’s what the world saw?

Hell no because we are all the f*cking same, we all struggle, we all experience bad, we all do weird shit, we all cry, we all get hurt and we all go through the rat race.

Life isn’t perfect and we don’t need to make it out to be – act human, be yourself, stop and address the made up thoughts in your head that are holding you back, appreciate what you have and always strive for what you truly deserve because life is short and you don’t want to leave with any regrets.

What can you change right now to impact your life in a positive way?

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X