The First Trimester

Holly shit we are having a baby!

Once the initial shock settled, the nerves kick in.

I was scared, I couldn’t go through what we went through last time – as the 7 week mark came closer and closer the more nervous I got.

Last time the first ultrasound is where it all went wrong.

This time we opted for a local GP that specialises in pregnancy and also opted for an ultrasound clinic locally – Siles in BM – I couldn’t recommend Ken ANY more – he is amazing and super informative.

Even just doing these two simple things make the process seem a lot more professional and real compared to last time.

Our first ultrasound – I felt SO nervous – what if there was no heartbeat again?

Lying on the bed Ken made me feel calm and Matt was being so strong even tho I know he was just as scared as me.

And there it was a tiny little blob that is our little Prince AND a heartbeat to match.

Tears of joy came streaming down my face and instant relief.

From this point morning sickness increased A LOT – I never experienced it last time.

And from the sounds of it everyone experiences different symptoms but mine went as follows….

There was nothing bloody morning about it. It was ALL DAY sickness.

I never really vomited, I would just dry reach which I think is worse, I would just rather vomit and get on with my day.

The best way to describe this was like an ALL day hangover – I perked up usually by 3pm just in time to put on a brave face and head to work. The first trimester is hard – not many people know and its when you’re probably struggling the most physically and mentally yet no one has a clue!

Along with the sickness my boobs grew A LOT and were very sore and I was also super tired, napping daily and hardly training at all! Not even walking which for me is a big deal – I felt like a slob – doing nothing all day but laying down on the couch, it’s something I wasn’t use to.

I grew sick of this feeling and at 9 weeks I got acupuncture which is suppose to help with the sickness….

It helped, it helped TOO much – so much so that I felt like all my signs that I was pregnant were gone, I thought we had lost the baby. I know this is why I got the acupuncture in the first place but I didn’t realise it as going to make me feel like this!

I booked in to see my Dr that ordered me to have a blood test and an ultrasound.

It was a nerve-racking week waiting for both of these things – the ultrasound went great.

Another sigh of relief, I now know that this feeling of nervousness does not leave – when you don’t know what’s happening inside you and you just want everything to be okay it is really hard to relax, especially when things didn’t turn out as planned the first time around.

This was basically my life for up until 14 weeks – 2 months on ongoing fatigue, nerves, soreness, weird pains, nausea and a f*ck heap of googling to figure out if it was all normal.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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