Week 15

IT’S A BOY – The genetic testing came back all clear at week 10 and we found out Little Prince is in fact a boy!! Another huge hurdle!

My nausea has FINALLY stopped, thankkk god for that!!!!!

It was hit and miss during week 14 some days were good and some days were terrible but no sickness during week 15!

But it’s never really smooth sailing is it??

We had out first hospital meeting at week 13 – everything went really well, we are having the baby at Sunshine – this is where all my specialist Dr’s are for my UC so they can all communicate with each other. They have been great thus far too!

After the hospital appointment at week 14 I got a call from the hospital on the Monday (When I was 15 weeks) saying they are transferring me from orange unit (which is basically like a general unit) to a ‘High Risk’ unit – hearing this scared me. Having UC is what caused my last miscarriage and is the reason why I’m now a high risk pregnancy – its just scary to hear but least I’m getting monitored the way I should, they said that if ANY of my UC symptoms come back I need to go in ASAP as it can cause preterm birth. Matt was in South America at this time (on our last big holiday before we started trying for a baby!) and I was home alone absorbing the information – I don’t want to get sick, I just want the baby to be healthy. I sobbed, half hormonal and half reality shock that UC will never leave me.

On the Wednesday I had a meeting with my Gastroenterologist my second follow up since my colonoscopy, she was happy my symptoms, which seemed to be in remission but was also concerned about how bad my last colonoscopy was – it showed that I have Pan Colitis – there are different levels of UC – mine is through my whole colon, not just one section. There were also abnormal cells, similar to cancer cells in my colon – again scary to hear. BUT I seemed to be reacted well to the medication – she just wants to keep a close eye on me. She was also concerned with my iron count and insisted on an iron infusion – this made me happy – I’ve been tired, like really tired, like napping 3 times a day tired. So getting this infusion should help with that!

So a couple speed bumps this week – but my UC is still under control and besides being tried I’m feeling SO good. I’m just glad the dr’s are keeping a close eye on me, I really feel like I’m under the best care possible….

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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