Week 20

One word – TIRED.

That’s basically how this week went, iron infusion is coming up on June 6thso just over a week – I’m realllllly hanging for it and hoping it leave me feeling a little more normal.

It could be the iron but I’ve picked up extra hours at work to so could be that, maybe even hormones but I even cried this week.

BUT OFFICIALLY HALF WAY – when did this happen?? Time is just flying!!! I seriously can’t believe it!

Round ligament pain is still lingering, mostly during work whilst walking around, I didn’t go for any walks this week so just whilst working. I only trained three times this week one strength, one cardio and one pilates session – just listening to my body and resting a little more.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it in the last blog but I’ve sneezed three times now and nearly wet myself (nearly as in pee defs came out but not a lot) – hahahhahelphahaha – this was very new but Matt and I could see the funny side… We laughed A LOT! (not enough tho to cause me to wet myself again)

Because this has happened a couple times I decided to go to a pelvic floor and pregnancy physio.

Someone that specialises in this area and can help with both my pelvic floor and round ligament pain. I know i’m not a serve case or anything like that but I know my PF will only get worse and I knew I’d learn a lot which is handy given the fitness industry I’m in and the way my girls pop out babies!

She was great, gave me a band for my belly (like a tubigrip compression type thing) I have only worn it twice, just at work, when I find the pain is bad – the band works! It just feels pretty tight by the end of the night and I also don’t want to wear it too much. Why? Well the physio said its like a second support abs – and I feel like if I wear it too often my actual abs will relax and not support my  body with out it. Something that I don’t know if its actually true but that’s what I think anyways!

Next thing we discussed was my pelvic floor – she said the best way to ensure that I know how to activate to PF is an internal exam (insert shocked face emoji) I didn’t realise that what was coming lol.

Long awkward story short – I know how to activate but struggle holding the activation so she has given me exercises to do – I do recommend women seeing a specialist like this… It will really help long term. Don’t just book into a physio – see a women/pelvicfloor/pregnancy physio – someone who specialises in this field and be aware (I was not!) that they recommend an internal – might be weird but wetting yourself when sneezing, jumping, coughing etc is way worse!

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