Week 28



I remember at the very beginning of the pregnancy this point seemed SO SO far away and now I’m here – and here is sitting at the dr’s for 2 hours doing the glucose testing.

You drink this liquid, which I thought wasn’t as bad as what people made it out to be – it just taste like flat lemonade maybe because I’m a big sweet tooth? Anywhoo you get a blood test – drink the liquid – wait an hour – get another blood test – wait another hour – they then send all your bloods away and tell you if you if you have diabetes.

I’m pretty confident I don’t but who knows, I’m pretty use to being jabbed and probed now so it’s just another day in the office lol

Little Prince is still super active – I just cant wait to meet him – who will he look like? I love that he’ll be a combination of me and the person I love so much, what a cool concept!

I can’t remember if I mentioned but Little Prince has a name – he had a name as soon as we found out he was a boy – it was actually easy! A girl name was the hard one!!

Sleeping and training are still the same as last week- the body is feeling good, my back on the right side starts to ache if I sit too much then I struggle for the rest of the day – working until 8:30pm is getting a little harder but not too bad – there are more and more exercises I can’t do but I’m still moving so I’m happy!!

I am growing and my belly is very much out!! My belly button will pop out any week now I think! Still no stretch marks – I lather myself in vitamin E cream after each shower and also body brush – I don’t really use much bio oil – sometimes before bed…

We also bought a new change table – off marketplace on FB go figure! Then we went down this market place rabbit hole and bought a floor lamp, floor mirror, bench for the gym and rack for the weights lol

The new change table is sturdy wood and I’m really happy with it AND half the price! We just need to sand and paint it (we as in Matt 😉 ) but I think it’ll come up really nice!

We had no dramas returning and getting a refund for the old one either!

I’ve had a few questions about maternity leave and when I’ll stop working – I honestly don’t know, I’m just going to keep turning up until I cant! I have no set date – I’m lucky in the sence I don’t work during the day so I have plenty of time to rest if I need to… I LOVE my job so I’m in NO rush to finish and I want to only have roughly 3 months off and be back in the new year – all depending on what the little man needs!

Okay I’m out for another week – time for my second set of bloods!

See you when I’m 29 weeks!! Whoooo!!!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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