Week 29 & 30

Week 29 was pretty low key – we got a heap of checklist stuff done – I’ve written a list of things that need to be done at home, at work and in the nursery and things I need to buy before LP is here so just making our way through that!

I’m actually feeling pretty organised and cleaning feeeeellllzzzzz gooooooodddd – I guess nesting has begun lol…

The change table came up amazing painted white, and the giant mirror came too which looks so nice in the room – LP’s room is a farmhouse theme with whites, natural woods, creams and black… It’s slowly coming along and we just have to pick up the cot then we can hang shelves and decorate, another pinterest album coming to life!

Training is still going great last two weeks – M- Strength and conditioning T- Pilates W- Walk T- REST F-Pilates Strength & Conditioning S- Strength S- REST… Getting in a lot actually and I always feel good for doing it! I’ll just keep this up and see how the body goes along the way!!

Eating is basic and usually the same daily so nothing exciting to update you on there – I find as LP getting bigger I’m filling up a lot quicker.

We haven’t had any appointments in the last two weeks but I do have one tomorrow which I’ll update you in my Week 31 post – it’s the standard ob and physician and I guess the results from the glucose testing too?? Maybe more info on my C- section?

Had a mini melt down yesterday because of my private health insurance – there is a 12 month waiting period for pregnancy related services which I knew about – 12 months is up in NOV – one month off covering me – this is no biggie we were always going to go to a public hospital (sunshine) because all my specialist dr’s are there so if anything goes wrong they have all my info – BUT – I was hoping that because I had private health I would get a private room…

SIDE STORY TO PRIVATE ROOM: We had our hospital tour on Saturday in which the showed us the rooms and explained for private rooms and non private rooms work – private rooms are in a priority list based on 1) health of mum 2) Private health insurance 3) luck –  of you are not in a private room you are sharing with one other lady… this is fine…. BUT non private room so shared room Matt would have to go home after 8pm… During the tour I wasn’t concerned because I knew we had private health and it should cover the hospital stay…

So I KNEW it didn’t cover a private hospital, private drs, the birth etc BUT I was under the impression that I would still be covered for a private room after the birth – which I’m not – which lead me down the thought of Matt having to go home each night and I just burst into tears – I don’t want the to happen. There is not a lot we can do and just have to see what happens when we get there I guess – I’m SO annoyed at the insurance – I’m paying nearly $600 a quarter as a single to add these extra on that I cant even use – it’s a giant crock – so side note if you want these extra make sure you add it on 12 months prior to having a baby….

I’ve now decreased my cover because there is no bloody point having all this ‘gold’ hospital cover when I wont need it!!!!

On top of that I’m currently on hold to centerlink – its been 30 minutes….

I’ve never used centerlink before and once LP is here I get paid parental leave which I need to set up hence why I’m stuck on hold…

These little bits and pieces aren’t as fun as setting up the nursery I tell ya!

Weight: I’ve cracked the 70kg mark! SO SO weird seeing that on the scale and for a minute I felt guilty about it thinking is that too high?? I’ve still got like a month and a half to go should I be putting on less (Started at 59.5 I believe)? But then I sat back and remembered I’m growing a human the weight will go up I just need to continue being fit, healthy and active – as long as I’m not being a slop I’m happy!! Weight isn’t just stacking on overnight its slowly creeping on I guess as the baby grows…

Okay so centrelink finally answered only to tell me I need to go into a location to prove my identity SMH!!

Alright, time for lunch – chat when I’m 31 weeks babyyyy!!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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