Week 31 & 32

Well I officially feel like I’m waddling my way through the rest of this pregnancy!

A lot of people say the final trimester goes slow, I’ve found it so far to be the opposite, the weeks are actually flying by so quick I can’t believe we’ll have our little man here so soon!!



Just kidding we don’t have a date yet we have our final growth scan next week and we SHOULD have a date of when the little guys here, will I tell you all?

Sozfam, keeping it on the DL – gotta leave something to a surprise right!!

Sleep is super hit and miss, some nights I sleep great (besides waking up 4-5 times a night to wee) others I lay there wide awake just thinking (and googling) the most random stuff – my whole body was aching the othernight and I had a dream I was in labor which of course woke me up thinking I was in labor – I googled preterm labor symptoms which lead me down a rabbit hole of forums and over an hour scrolling through my phone at 3am…. To avoid this when I don’t need an alarm I put my phone on Matts side of the bed OR out in the lounge room – I’m way to lazy to get up in the middle of the night to get my phone to check the time or google bizzare things lol.

Workwise is tougher each week but I love it and I’ll keep at it till I can – Monday and Tuesday I find to be fine – I think because over the weekend I rest a lot? Wednesday and Thursday are more of a struggle – energy is a lot lower body is sore and aching from training Monday and Tuesday and I’ve usually slept shit one of those nights too… Luckily I’ve got Jake who is co-coaching with me ATM so I’m able to step back when I need to rest and I know my girls are in good and capable hands.

Rest, easier said then done believe me! But the old body is forcing itself rest when it needs it – my one hour daily nap crept up to 2 hours a few times in the last couple weeks.

I’ve come down with a cold this week – ME THINKING TO MYSELF LITERALLY LAST WEEK: “I haven’t been sick all winter” – days later wakes up swallowing razors and I know that’s the beginning of it – you can’t take a lot being pregnant, I have BioCeuticals Armaforce (the pregnancy one) plus ginger, lemon tea which I add manuka honey too and that’s about all I can do atm… It’s onto day 3 and sort of just lingering now.

This may be a downfall of being pregnant over winter but I tell you I’m so happy I’m pregnant over winter lol – I’m usually feeling FREEZING all of time over these winter months and I’m not, it’s like I have an internal heater even sleeping I’ve been sleeping practically naked – for someone who usually has ALL the layers to sleep this is impressive! I feel for the summer preggie mumma man you ladies must get HOT!

Speaking of hot, I made my GF and new mumma some lactation cookies last week – everything was going perfectly for someone who doesn’t bake or even really cook for that matter I was really impressed with my efforts, I even listened to the recipe when it said to put them in the fridge before in the oven. (why?)

Once I got to oven part they only had to be in for 10 minutes – I didn’t set a timer because 10 MINUTES as if I’d forget that….. Well I sat on the couch jumped on the gram and 20 MINUTES LATER realised I fucking forgot my cookies!!!

When they came out the oven although looking a little darker then the original photo I thought these might be okay, they were soft and still yummy…

After I let them cool they went ROCK HARD – but I thought to myself nah they are still good – I called Matt in to get an honest opinion and he just burst into laughter – I started crying and laughing at the same time – both of us uncontrollably laughing it got to a point I laughed so much wee came out. (this hasn’t happened in ages) which made us both laugh (and cry) more.

So verdict was in they were burnt.

I went to insta to post my sob story and a super smart girl came back and said crumble them up and make granola! What a blood genius idea! So that’s what I did. Serving with yogurt- it’s delish! So all 45 cookies didn’t go to waste in the end! (thank goodness because brewers yeast is not cheap!)

Body & Baby:

I’ve also been getting Braxton Hicks – it’s the sensation of my tummy going really hard – it’s painless and goes pretty quick it just feels weird – my tummy is hard anyways but when this happens is REAL hard!

My legs ache by the end of the day (especially after work) they feel throbbing and swollen but don’t look it (yet) so I might be one of those people that gets puffy!

Bubs gets hiccups daily, sometimes it doesn’t effect me (like right now) but when I’m laying it bed it can get really annoying – he moves A LOT – and I can’t believe how big he must be getting. I feel him push near my top ribs and also into my sides at the same time, poor guy is running out of room!

My belly feels tight and big – no stretch marks (again yet) my daily routine for this actually ISNT bio oil…

After EVERY shower I body brush (something I was doing pre pregnancy too) then later myself in vitamin e cream. If I feel the need to during the day I’ll put bio oil on but really rarely.

Bowels are under control and my UC is behaving – I’ve been under close watch with this because it can cause preterm birth and all sorts of things. I goes through waves of constipation, which cause me to strain which cause piles which then lead to loose bowels and then repeat. I’m upping my fibre slightly to help with the constipation and it seems to be working!

I also know totally understand why couples don’t have a lot of sex while pregnant – besides the lack of energy I just don’t feel ‘sexy’ or like ‘me’ I look very different! And although I know the Matt doesn’t care it’s me – I care. Look we are still getting it done (how bad does that sound) but it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world I’ll tell ya that. It was comfortable up until about week 30 – the bigger I get the harder it’s getting!


Training strength, some cardio and pilates – haven’t really been out for a walk more so because cbf in this weather and days honestly get away from me but its something we need to do more especially for the doggos!

I find my body isn’t recovering a well as it usually does – in the sense I’m pulling up a lot sorer then usual. I feel okay at the time and never feel like I’m over exerting myself but the next day my muscles are pretty sore!

Diet is the same – main meals are fab – still a sweet tooth. This is my life pre pregnancy. I’m not allowing my self to let my diet completely slip. So many people day eat what you want you’re pregnant. I just know if I eat too much shit I feel like shit so just trying to remember this….

Nesting is real. I’m slowly getting through all my lists I’ve made ‘Clean X’ ‘Clean Y’ etc…

I’m living in activewear and pj’s – non negotiable.

I stalk a lot of preggers people on insta and I see their cute instagram in their cute clothes and hair done and I just think HOW?!? THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE!?! I rotate x2 pairs of leggings that fit each day and I don’t plan on buying any more clothes for the next 5 weeks. Thank god my uniform is activewear! (and again I’m preggers through winter – lots of baggy hoodies aka matts hoodies)

Alright I think that’s enough rambling for today.

Next week is our appointment so there will be more exciting news!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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