Week 33

I got over my cold and by Monday was ready to tackle another week – I’ve been training Monday mornings and I thought I’d miss Monday just to see how my body reacts – I wasn’t sure if I was going to hard and it was ruining me all week or if it was just because I was run down and getting sick – either way I decided to skip my Monday session.

I felt good for it and wasn’t sore Tuesday at Pilates (I usually train legs on Monday and waddle into pilates super sore!) so it was nice being fresh!

Besides Pilates I only trained on Saturday – so overall a pretty easy week for me – I felt like a slob but I think the rest is more so what I need – the goal until birth is:
X1 Pilates
X1 Walk
X1-2 Gym sessions (Wednesday and Saturday is what I’m hoping for)

Food wise I’ve eaten way to much crap this week – too much chocolate snuck back in, although I bloody love it, it just makes me feel shit so I’m pulling my head in next week and cutting it down completely – its not even that I’m craving it, it’s just like I want chocolate nek minute I have some – I don’t even think about it. This was me pre pregnancy but I think it effecting me more now because I feel like the size of a house!!

I got through another week of work and as of next week will be handing the reins over slowly more and more – It’s scary – I don’t want to go on leave! Not that I have a choice but the gym is my baby and I’m actually finding it really hard to let go!

We had our final scan and appointments this week – Little Prince is looking great and growing perfectly fine! Date is locked in for the C-section which is so strange knowing the babies birth date but at the same time I’m happy to know when the little man will be making his entrance into the world, it seemed very close to the due date so I hope he co-operates and stays put until it’s time lol….

No other news at the appointments and I think no news is good news! I’ve started getting stuff together for the hospital but haven’t packed anything yet – crazy I’m at this point – with only a month left I’m getting very eager and I’m just ready/wanting him to be here already!!

A – because I’m just so excited but B – because I want my body back – I’m currently getting kicked in the ribs as we speak. Sharing your body is a tough gig! And as the weeks progress it doesn’t get any easier. I’m very grateful to be growing our son I’m also ready to feel a little like my old self!

Just a short one today – the sun is shining and calling me outside for a walk!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

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