Week 34 & 35

TBH these weeks were great, I feel really good, been sleeping great and I’m feeling pretty prepped! (well as prepped as you can be I guess)

I had time to sit down and write a 34 weeker by it self and realised nothing that interesting happened lol and week 35 was much the same.

The belly grows bigger, the waddle gets bigger, the closer we get to the end!

Since changing my training (Tuesday pilates, Wednesday upper, Saturday lower and walking) I’ve had a lot more energy – I also fine when I don’t nap I sleep a lot better that night!

A lot of people say the last trimester will drag but honestly it is going SO fast he’ll be here before we know it!!

I’ve started locking in my final ‘me’ appointments over the next month – something I think is actually really important – when no clothes fit and you feel like a whale its nice to be pampered – so hair, lashes, nails, facials, massages whatever I want I’m locking in Eddie! God knows I wont have time when the little man is here!

OHHH actually one fun thing that happened over these two week was my surprise baby shower – when I first fell pregnant it was a no brainer to have a baby shower, it’s just what you do right?

But as the time got closer the more I realised I really could not be fucked.

The last thing I feel like doing is dressing up, stressing out and organising a party.

So I opted on NO baby shower.

Once bubs is here we’ll organise a bbq when the weather is nicer, I feel like myself and can actually relax with all my friends and family and enjoy myself too – also I think the money I saved literally bought the baby everything he needed!

Anywhoooo I’m getting off track – Mum invited matt and I over for dinner and as we arrived she surprised us with a mini baby shower with just my sibs, mum and us! It was so cute and thoughtful! Complete with balloons, presents and a lolly table – even better we were all in comfy clothes!! Completely surprised me!! Should of known mum wouldn’t take no for an answer lol. That was pretty special! This baby is very lucky to have such a loving family!!!

Not long now little man!!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel x

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