Well I clearly jinxed myself by saying the last two weeks were smooth!!!

Week 36 was an interesting one.

Closing in on the end now and as I’ve mentioned I feel huge – people keep telling me how great I look but for me I still feel huge!

People telling me I look great I obviously love, I might not always believe them but its still nice to hear when you feel like you’re waddling around – and then there is the other comments… insert extremely over exaggerated eye rolllinggggg*****

Firstly it’s never okay to comment on someones appearance especially in a negative manner so I’m not sure why people feel like because you’re pregnant they are able to say whatever they feel?!?

The first comment was that I’ve put weight on in my face – okay great thanks, pretty direct, probably true but shut the fuck up, hurt a little not a comment I’m use to but was able to laugh it off with Matt.


“You must be close to having the baby because your face looks swollen”

This was from a completely different person – okay, two days in a row two comments about my face – thanks fuck stick your face isn’t quite the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen either but you don’t see me hanging shit on you.

I could of cried.

Luckily I was with Matt who made me see the funny side the rest of the supermarket trip with him asking me to move my giant head out the way so he could see…

Yes during pregnancy you gain weight, duh.

What I’m confused about is why people feel it’s their job to tell you this? BOTH people were being serious, they were older, they weren’t my friends I would consider them as randoms. I would NEVER say this to a random! SAY NOTHING.

Maybe hormones raging but seriously fuck off.

This has been my only negative experience thus far with comments and I know people get it a lot worse, I’m waiting for the next person to say something because I have a come back ready to go then I can blame ‘hormones’ when really you’re just a fuck head who deserves it.

Okay, okay settle petal my huge head and me are over it now lol now the REAL JUICY PART!!!

EARLY LABOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT?!?! Yesssss!!

So Monday I was feeling pretty run down, Sunday I thought I had heyfever as I was sneezing SO much but woke up Monday with more of a cold – so just hang out on the couch an took it easy all day.

I went to work Monday night more so just to get out of the house and I think I would have said it in one of these blogs I just feel better being at work! I didn’t really do a lot but it was nice being there.

Got home ate dinner and was just hanging on the couch afterwards when I started to get this pain – it was more on my right lower side of my bump. I thought maybe it was gas or I just need to stretch because the baby was in a weird position but I just wouldn’t go away. This was at about 10pm.

We went to bed and the pain would stop infact it was getting worse – Matt said lets take you to hospital maybe you’re in labor – I said nah it not contractions because it wasn’t coming and going it was just consistent pain and I’m talking like 8/10 aching couldn’t stand up straight pain. I finally agreed to go to emergency but just to BM I’m not going to Sunshine because I don’t think the babies coming.

We got to BM and Matt blurts out “I think my wife is in labor” I instantly yell at him saying “Don’t tell them that we are being dramatic”

They sat me in a wheel chair and took me down to the maternity ward.

I got hooked up to two machines, one to get bubs and the other to check or contractions.

Okay the pain was starting to come in waves now and my tummy would tighten along with the pain. Shit maybe I am having contractions.

The lovely midwife was so good – being first timers we have NO idea what to expect or what anything feels like hence why we didn’t go to sunshine straight away.

She informed us that I was having contractions every 2 minutes.


The babies monitoring was completely fine.

What felt like forever the Dr finally came in to give me an internal examination and to figure out what to do next.

She said I was 1cm dilated.

Holly shit it is happening.

I didn’t even let Matt put the hospital bags in the car because I really didn’t think it was anything.

The Dr then had to get advice about what to do.
A) I’m pre term at 36 weeks plus a few days (37 is considered full term)
B) I’m high risk anyways because of my UC

  1. C) I’m booked in at sunshine

    The Dr said it would be best to get us to Sunshine ASAP and called an Ambulance, shit this all escalated extremely quickly for someone who didn’t even want to come to hospital!

    Matt got sent home to get the bags and meet us at sunshine – the team at BM gave me some panadeine forte to help with the pain and although I could still feel it the edge was taken off. Contractions were still happening every two minutes in the ambo and babies heart rate was starting to creep up from 150 to now 180 which isn’t great but it could be because of me stressing too.

    We got to sunshine at probably midnight maybe later? Where they took me into the birthing suite and hooked me up to the same machines they had me on at BM – I got a bit of a grilling from the nurse about not coming to sunshine straight away and how she had to send all my paperwork down to BM blah blah blah, sorry lady but I didn’t know what the fuck to do.

    Little Prince’s heart rate came down to 140-150 which was great and all his monitoring was perfectly fine!

    They basically said because I’m pre term that they want this baby to cook a little longer so they’ll do what they can to keep him in…

    Contractions kept happening basically ALL night I didn’t get much sleep. I had Matt and Mum in the room with me keeping an eye on me making sure everything was okay. But nothing really eventuated – nothing got worse and nothing got better and before I knew it I looked over at the clock and it was 5:30am!

    Pain had settled A LOT it was no where near as intense and the contractions where no longer painful I could feel them but it didn’t really hurt – they were now 5 minutes apart sometimes longer…..

    My body was aching and tired and I just wanted to go home I had been fasting just in case they needed to go ahead with the c section so was super thirsty by this point.

    The Dr came in and did an internal to check to see where I was – still 1cm dilated, although annoying it’s also good because he obviously isn’t coming just yet he’ll get to cook for a little longer.

    I was sent home at roughly lunch time the next day and god was I tired!

    What an ordeal!

    Cheeky Little Prince was just giving us a little practice run, the drs said to come straight back if it happens again but other then that just take it easy and he could decide to come tomorrow or it might be weeks!

    Wednesday I actually feel pretty good, I was annoyed in hospital because I wanted to get all these things done for myself before baby arrive eg nails, lashes etc and I hadn’t got any of it done! So Wednesday I went and got it all done – now I’m ready for you little man bring it on!

    My c section date is coming up soon but we’ll see if we can get that far, Little Prince might have other plans, watch this space!

    Stay Strong & Stretch,
    Tel X

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