I’M A MUM?!?!?!

So last blog I was 36 weeks – I had my planned c-section booked in for 39 weeks – Sept 30th11am to be exact.

Before I get to that I waddled my way through those final weeks – they went by FAST, crazy fast!

Everyone kept asking me if I was ready – honestly I wasn’t thinking too much about what happens once bubs was here – I was more of a fake it till you make it and I’ll figure it out once I get to that point! As far as I got was the nursery was ready and a date was locked in!

I trained right up until that date and was feeling really good – overall my pregnancy was super smooth and I’m very grateful my body coped well, my UC even went into remission!!

Monday the 30thcrept up before we knew it and remember thinking I’ll enjoy one last good sleep before the little man is here – 2am I woke up went to the loo as I did 5 times a night because there was a giant baby pushing my bladder, I went back to bed and had this strange feeling like I had wet myself in bed.

I got up in the dark and went to the toilet again – still in the dark I wiped and noticed it didn’t seem like wee I turned the light on and to my surprise there was blood – A LOT of blood. Nervously I called out to Matt, I was worried I know this wasn’t normal and I just wanted to make sure the little man was okay. I called the hospital and they wanted me to come straight in (side note I didn’t get to shower wash my hair and put some make up on as first imagined)

We got to the hospital still in shock and quite nervous they checked the baby and he was okay, the bleeding was my placenta coming away from the wall – so even tho I had a planned c-section the little man was coming that day either way!

This is hiccup bumped me first to the que (yay!) 8am rolled around and I was prepped and ready to meet our little guy!

Its all very sterile and cold in the OR but everyone was SO nice! The spinal block went in easily and before I knew it I couldn’t move my legs and from my boobs down was numb, a very strange feeling – I could feel them touching me but I couldn’t feel pain. Matt was then brought in….

They started the procedure, I was being pulled around everywhere and all I could feel was pressure – taking the baby out went very quickly before we knew it we could hear crying!! I was overwhelmed with emotion and just burst into tears – at 8:52am he was finally here. Nate is finally here.

Nate Logan Prince 3.79kg of pure amazing-ness.

We named him Nate after his late Uncle Nathan who would be so over the moon I’m sure!

The next 48hrs was a complete blurr crying (from me and nate) visitors, figuring out how to breastfeed, how to mum and this new life that we have just walked into.

It was hard.

Day 2 was the hardest. Nate was either on my boob or crying there was no inbetween – I remember thinking to myself I’ll never be able to be away from this child ever – he’ll need me like this 24/7. I was running on minimal sleep, I was completely exhausted; I would feed Nate and cry at the same time thinking this is my new life.

One of the midwives saw how exhausted and concerned I was and explained to me that it wont be like this forever he is just on your boob a lot to bring in your milk. This was true – once my milk came in it was A LOT easier – he ate then was content. So if you’re expecting just know that if your milk doesn’t come in straight away this may happen and it gets easier!

I was able to feel my legs an hour after having Nate and was up walking the next day. I spent 2.5 days in hospital and was so happy to get home! I was out walking on day 4 and continued to walk as much as I could – I have recovered extremely well from my c-section, I believe it was because I remained super active through my pregnancy.

I tell you what having a baby makes you realise how selfish you are and it turns it on its head you now have to be self-less this tiny little human requires your attention 24/7. Its tough and takes some getting use to. Everyone told me to enjoy my sleep while I could and they weren’t kidding!

The first two weeks I don’t even know how I made it through – breastfeeding means you have to get up for every feed and there was a lot of them – I was like a walking zombie but you just get through it, you have no choice!

But we are 8 weeks deep now and we have a good little set up going – we know Nate a lot more and he is getting used to being earth side, I’m no longer breastfeeding (I did for about 4-5weeks) and I feel so much more myself having Nate on bottles – I feel like I can leave the house, I get more sleep, Nate gets more sleep, Matt gets to feed him, I can see how much he is actually drinking it’s just all over been a great transition for our house!

To wrap this blog up I honestly cannot believe the love I have for this little human, words really can’t explain it. I love him more then life itself he just makes my heart explode!

I’ll be posting more updates as well as post natal training routines, things I’d recommend you to buy that have been great for us and even a little schedule that’s working well for our house – man it feels good to type again, my brain was going to mush but I’m feeling a more like myself now and a much more confident mumma!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Mumma Tel X

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