So many tabs opened….

I’ve wanted to start writing again for some time but between having Nate and then popping out Bailey 20 months later time just got away from me….

With both kids currently napping (lets see if I can get through an entire post) I’ve decided now is the time.

I’ve changed a lot in the last 2 years – I knew becoming a Mum would be rewarding and demanded but man its like both of those things on steroids.

Nate had his first hair cut and I couldn’t stop smiling all day, in the same day I also don’t think I ate breakfast, lunch or showered.

It’s a very strange thing – for my entire life up until the day he was born my life revolved around me, myself and I, now these tiny human takes up 90% (okay 98%) of my time & energy BUT everything else STILL needs to get done.

The washing doesn’t stop, the food shopping doesn’t stop, the house cleaning doesn’t stop, the cooking doesn’t stop – all your usual activities remain the same (expect for napping and going to the toilet in peace) only now you’re trying to keep a tiny human fed, clean and alive. (Make that two tiny humans)

My brain feels like it has a million tabs open that go between mum life, ‘me’ life, social life and business life.

It’s unorganised chaos – as I’m righting this I’m jumping between Royale Fitness Winter Swag orders, Pilates BOD website additions and keeping in the back of my head I need to call up and make my next maternal health appointment and go down the street and buy dinner and my colonoscopy prep for Friday.

Man this blog is just as scattered as my brain & there’s Bailey right on cue – its like she has a motion detector on and every time I try and be productive it goes off.


The unorganised chaos takes some getting use to, I’m not sure if I’m actually doing well at any of the tabs that are open but I’m giving it a good crack – some might say try not to have so much on your plate but for me I NEED the social life and the business life – these are the things that keep me sane, as rewarding as being a Mum is it takes it out of me and mentally I need these other things to keep me stimulated – it makes me a better person and a better mum – I DON’T feel guilty for going to the gym solo, I DON’T feel guilty for going back to work when Bailey is only 10 weeks old because I know these these things make me a better person and a better Mum.

Maybe if there is a message you could take from this its – I know life is f*cking chaos, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, don’t feel guilty for doing the things that make you feel better both physically and mentally and it is okay to feel overwhelmed but just know you’re doing a great job.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

One thought on “So many tabs opened….

  1. Loved this Tel! The mental load is real and it’s so hard to find a good balance between doing things that fill your cup up and switching your mum brain off to not think it’s time better spent doing more for the kids/house/family.
    Amazing work.


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