About Me

For those of you in the cyber world who don’t know me my name is Chantel – soon to be – Prince.

Rather then blab on endlessly about myself I thought dot points would keep it short and simple…

-I’m 25 years old.
-I live in a small town called Bacchus Marsh in Victoria – Australia.
-Qualified personal trainer and Pilates instructor.
-Getting married in Bali September 2016.
-My partner and I run a biz in our home town called Royale Fitness.
-We own two beautiful puppies – 3YO Japanese Spitz, Bane & a 2YO Samoyed, Austin yes I’m a crazy dog lady.
-I love to travel and also spend a ridiculous amount of hours on pintrest.
-I have the best bunch of friends & family a girl could ask for.