Week 31 & 32

Well I officially feel like I’m waddling my way through the rest of this pregnancy!

A lot of people say the final trimester goes slow, I’ve found it so far to be the opposite, the weeks are actually flying by so quick I can’t believe we’ll have our little man here so soon!!



Just kidding we don’t have a date yet we have our final growth scan next week and we SHOULD have a date of when the little guys here, will I tell you all?

Sozfam, keeping it on the DL – gotta leave something to a surprise right!!

Sleep is super hit and miss, some nights I sleep great (besides waking up 4-5 times a night to wee) others I lay there wide awake just thinking (and googling) the most random stuff – my whole body was aching the othernight and I had a dream I was in labor which of course woke me up thinking I was in labor – I googled preterm labor symptoms which lead me down a rabbit hole of forums and over an hour scrolling through my phone at 3am…. To avoid this when I don’t need an alarm I put my phone on Matts side of the bed OR out in the lounge room – I’m way to lazy to get up in the middle of the night to get my phone to check the time or google bizzare things lol.

Workwise is tougher each week but I love it and I’ll keep at it till I can – Monday and Tuesday I find to be fine – I think because over the weekend I rest a lot? Wednesday and Thursday are more of a struggle – energy is a lot lower body is sore and aching from training Monday and Tuesday and I’ve usually slept shit one of those nights too… Luckily I’ve got Jake who is co-coaching with me ATM so I’m able to step back when I need to rest and I know my girls are in good and capable hands.

Rest, easier said then done believe me! But the old body is forcing itself rest when it needs it – my one hour daily nap crept up to 2 hours a few times in the last couple weeks.

I’ve come down with a cold this week – ME THINKING TO MYSELF LITERALLY LAST WEEK: “I haven’t been sick all winter” – days later wakes up swallowing razors and I know that’s the beginning of it – you can’t take a lot being pregnant, I have BioCeuticals Armaforce (the pregnancy one) plus ginger, lemon tea which I add manuka honey too and that’s about all I can do atm… It’s onto day 3 and sort of just lingering now.

This may be a downfall of being pregnant over winter but I tell you I’m so happy I’m pregnant over winter lol – I’m usually feeling FREEZING all of time over these winter months and I’m not, it’s like I have an internal heater even sleeping I’ve been sleeping practically naked – for someone who usually has ALL the layers to sleep this is impressive! I feel for the summer preggie mumma man you ladies must get HOT!

Speaking of hot, I made my GF and new mumma some lactation cookies last week – everything was going perfectly for someone who doesn’t bake or even really cook for that matter I was really impressed with my efforts, I even listened to the recipe when it said to put them in the fridge before in the oven. (why?)

Once I got to oven part they only had to be in for 10 minutes – I didn’t set a timer because 10 MINUTES as if I’d forget that….. Well I sat on the couch jumped on the gram and 20 MINUTES LATER realised I fucking forgot my cookies!!!

When they came out the oven although looking a little darker then the original photo I thought these might be okay, they were soft and still yummy…

After I let them cool they went ROCK HARD – but I thought to myself nah they are still good – I called Matt in to get an honest opinion and he just burst into laughter – I started crying and laughing at the same time – both of us uncontrollably laughing it got to a point I laughed so much wee came out. (this hasn’t happened in ages) which made us both laugh (and cry) more.

So verdict was in they were burnt.

I went to insta to post my sob story and a super smart girl came back and said crumble them up and make granola! What a blood genius idea! So that’s what I did. Serving with yogurt- it’s delish! So all 45 cookies didn’t go to waste in the end! (thank goodness because brewers yeast is not cheap!)

Body & Baby:

I’ve also been getting Braxton Hicks – it’s the sensation of my tummy going really hard – it’s painless and goes pretty quick it just feels weird – my tummy is hard anyways but when this happens is REAL hard!

My legs ache by the end of the day (especially after work) they feel throbbing and swollen but don’t look it (yet) so I might be one of those people that gets puffy!

Bubs gets hiccups daily, sometimes it doesn’t effect me (like right now) but when I’m laying it bed it can get really annoying – he moves A LOT – and I can’t believe how big he must be getting. I feel him push near my top ribs and also into my sides at the same time, poor guy is running out of room!

My belly feels tight and big – no stretch marks (again yet) my daily routine for this actually ISNT bio oil…

After EVERY shower I body brush (something I was doing pre pregnancy too) then later myself in vitamin e cream. If I feel the need to during the day I’ll put bio oil on but really rarely.

Bowels are under control and my UC is behaving – I’ve been under close watch with this because it can cause preterm birth and all sorts of things. I goes through waves of constipation, which cause me to strain which cause piles which then lead to loose bowels and then repeat. I’m upping my fibre slightly to help with the constipation and it seems to be working!

I also know totally understand why couples don’t have a lot of sex while pregnant – besides the lack of energy I just don’t feel ‘sexy’ or like ‘me’ I look very different! And although I know the Matt doesn’t care it’s me – I care. Look we are still getting it done (how bad does that sound) but it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world I’ll tell ya that. It was comfortable up until about week 30 – the bigger I get the harder it’s getting!


Training strength, some cardio and pilates – haven’t really been out for a walk more so because cbf in this weather and days honestly get away from me but its something we need to do more especially for the doggos!

I find my body isn’t recovering a well as it usually does – in the sense I’m pulling up a lot sorer then usual. I feel okay at the time and never feel like I’m over exerting myself but the next day my muscles are pretty sore!

Diet is the same – main meals are fab – still a sweet tooth. This is my life pre pregnancy. I’m not allowing my self to let my diet completely slip. So many people day eat what you want you’re pregnant. I just know if I eat too much shit I feel like shit so just trying to remember this….

Nesting is real. I’m slowly getting through all my lists I’ve made ‘Clean X’ ‘Clean Y’ etc…

I’m living in activewear and pj’s – non negotiable.

I stalk a lot of preggers people on insta and I see their cute instagram in their cute clothes and hair done and I just think HOW?!? THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE!?! I rotate x2 pairs of leggings that fit each day and I don’t plan on buying any more clothes for the next 5 weeks. Thank god my uniform is activewear! (and again I’m preggers through winter – lots of baggy hoodies aka matts hoodies)

Alright I think that’s enough rambling for today.

Next week is our appointment so there will be more exciting news!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

Week 29 & 30

Week 29 was pretty low key – we got a heap of checklist stuff done – I’ve written a list of things that need to be done at home, at work and in the nursery and things I need to buy before LP is here so just making our way through that!

I’m actually feeling pretty organised and cleaning feeeeellllzzzzz gooooooodddd – I guess nesting has begun lol…

The change table came up amazing painted white, and the giant mirror came too which looks so nice in the room – LP’s room is a farmhouse theme with whites, natural woods, creams and black… It’s slowly coming along and we just have to pick up the cot then we can hang shelves and decorate, another pinterest album coming to life!

Training is still going great last two weeks – M- Strength and conditioning T- Pilates W- Walk T- REST F-Pilates Strength & Conditioning S- Strength S- REST… Getting in a lot actually and I always feel good for doing it! I’ll just keep this up and see how the body goes along the way!!

Eating is basic and usually the same daily so nothing exciting to update you on there – I find as LP getting bigger I’m filling up a lot quicker.

We haven’t had any appointments in the last two weeks but I do have one tomorrow which I’ll update you in my Week 31 post – it’s the standard ob and physician and I guess the results from the glucose testing too?? Maybe more info on my C- section?

Had a mini melt down yesterday because of my private health insurance – there is a 12 month waiting period for pregnancy related services which I knew about – 12 months is up in NOV – one month off covering me – this is no biggie we were always going to go to a public hospital (sunshine) because all my specialist dr’s are there so if anything goes wrong they have all my info – BUT – I was hoping that because I had private health I would get a private room…

SIDE STORY TO PRIVATE ROOM: We had our hospital tour on Saturday in which the showed us the rooms and explained for private rooms and non private rooms work – private rooms are in a priority list based on 1) health of mum 2) Private health insurance 3) luck –  of you are not in a private room you are sharing with one other lady… this is fine…. BUT non private room so shared room Matt would have to go home after 8pm… During the tour I wasn’t concerned because I knew we had private health and it should cover the hospital stay…

So I KNEW it didn’t cover a private hospital, private drs, the birth etc BUT I was under the impression that I would still be covered for a private room after the birth – which I’m not – which lead me down the thought of Matt having to go home each night and I just burst into tears – I don’t want the to happen. There is not a lot we can do and just have to see what happens when we get there I guess – I’m SO annoyed at the insurance – I’m paying nearly $600 a quarter as a single to add these extra on that I cant even use – it’s a giant crock – so side note if you want these extra make sure you add it on 12 months prior to having a baby….

I’ve now decreased my cover because there is no bloody point having all this ‘gold’ hospital cover when I wont need it!!!!

On top of that I’m currently on hold to centerlink – its been 30 minutes….

I’ve never used centerlink before and once LP is here I get paid parental leave which I need to set up hence why I’m stuck on hold…

These little bits and pieces aren’t as fun as setting up the nursery I tell ya!

Weight: I’ve cracked the 70kg mark! SO SO weird seeing that on the scale and for a minute I felt guilty about it thinking is that too high?? I’ve still got like a month and a half to go should I be putting on less (Started at 59.5 I believe)? But then I sat back and remembered I’m growing a human the weight will go up I just need to continue being fit, healthy and active – as long as I’m not being a slop I’m happy!! Weight isn’t just stacking on overnight its slowly creeping on I guess as the baby grows…

Okay so centrelink finally answered only to tell me I need to go into a location to prove my identity SMH!!

Alright, time for lunch – chat when I’m 31 weeks babyyyy!!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

Week 28



I remember at the very beginning of the pregnancy this point seemed SO SO far away and now I’m here – and here is sitting at the dr’s for 2 hours doing the glucose testing.

You drink this liquid, which I thought wasn’t as bad as what people made it out to be – it just taste like flat lemonade maybe because I’m a big sweet tooth? Anywhoo you get a blood test – drink the liquid – wait an hour – get another blood test – wait another hour – they then send all your bloods away and tell you if you if you have diabetes.

I’m pretty confident I don’t but who knows, I’m pretty use to being jabbed and probed now so it’s just another day in the office lol

Little Prince is still super active – I just cant wait to meet him – who will he look like? I love that he’ll be a combination of me and the person I love so much, what a cool concept!

I can’t remember if I mentioned but Little Prince has a name – he had a name as soon as we found out he was a boy – it was actually easy! A girl name was the hard one!!

Sleeping and training are still the same as last week- the body is feeling good, my back on the right side starts to ache if I sit too much then I struggle for the rest of the day – working until 8:30pm is getting a little harder but not too bad – there are more and more exercises I can’t do but I’m still moving so I’m happy!!

I am growing and my belly is very much out!! My belly button will pop out any week now I think! Still no stretch marks – I lather myself in vitamin E cream after each shower and also body brush – I don’t really use much bio oil – sometimes before bed…

We also bought a new change table – off marketplace on FB go figure! Then we went down this market place rabbit hole and bought a floor lamp, floor mirror, bench for the gym and rack for the weights lol

The new change table is sturdy wood and I’m really happy with it AND half the price! We just need to sand and paint it (we as in Matt 😉 ) but I think it’ll come up really nice!

We had no dramas returning and getting a refund for the old one either!

I’ve had a few questions about maternity leave and when I’ll stop working – I honestly don’t know, I’m just going to keep turning up until I cant! I have no set date – I’m lucky in the sence I don’t work during the day so I have plenty of time to rest if I need to… I LOVE my job so I’m in NO rush to finish and I want to only have roughly 3 months off and be back in the new year – all depending on what the little man needs!

Okay I’m out for another week – time for my second set of bloods!

See you when I’m 29 weeks!! Whoooo!!!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

Week 27

What a good bloody week this was!!


And what a difference it makes, so I’m putting it down to changing pillows and using a nasal spray.

I’m now using x3 pillows: x1 body pillow on the side that I can spoon and the other two are stacked so I’m up a bit higher on the bed.

I’ve been complaining about a blocked nose – the physician at my last appointment recommended a nasal spray – which I used last week and it did nothing but I was using it in the middle of the night when my nose was really blocked and I was already wide awake.

This week I just used it each night before bed instead and it’s working like a charm!

Training is still the same pilates/weights and cardio/walking AND I went ot go back to swimming but genesis wouldn’t let me use the pool casually and I don’t want to use melton waves so I’m in the middle of looking for a new pool – I found one in gissy so I’m hoping to get back to it finally! Annoying the lady wouldn’t let me use it tho – uh!!

Food people keep asking what I’m craving an honestly nothing – no weird cravings that I can think of – I’m still trying to keep healthy and eat a balanced diet my main meals are very routine – vegemite and avo toast, chicken wraps, spud, broc and protein at dinner – snacks are varied depending on how hungry I am and I;m loving hot choccies….

We also had another scan this week!!! I was SOOOOO excited to see our little very active man!!

Everything looked perfect I couldn’t be more happy with how he is growing – we got a couple of pics – they weren’t the best quality and just looked like an alien lol, his tummy and head are in the 95+ percentile – just like his mumma!

I also know I’ll be having a c-section – I meet with the consult next appointment… this decision really came down to me and I’ve opted to go down this path – if they could guarantee natural birth wouldn’t end in an emergency c, tearing and stress on my bowels I’d opt for it but they cant and I just no the extra pressure will not be good on my bowels.

My UC has been pretty good – my digestive system is a little all over the shop between not being able to go, straining to hard and causing hemarriods then bouts of loose stools afterwards. I’ve been experiencing a little bit of a sore tummy (all digestive related not baby related) but I’m just monitoring and taking it all day by day and making sure I remember to take my meds – I can be a little off with this!

After the hospital appointment we went and bought a change table – another big tick for the non set up nursery lol

We started putting it together on Saturday – it was a flat pack that came in 5 different boxes – it was a nightmare and terrible quality so after breaking a few screws and the attachments we tapped out and decided we will take it back next week – I shot them an email saying how crappy the quality was and how I don’t trust putting a baby on it and they were actually really good and said they would give us a refund – annoying part is next week we have to go back to campfield which is like 50 minutes away!

Another week bites the dust and I’m in the final trimester next week!! OMG!!!

Stay Strong and Stretch,
Tel X

Week 26

Okay these weeks are seriously flying. HELP!!!!!

This week challenged me a little bit, thus far my sleeping has been pretty good – I wake up more then usual to go to the toilet but would just fall straight back to sleep but this week the little man was kicking/moving and hiccup-ing in the middle of the night and this kept me awake for hours. Once I was awake that was it I really struggled getting back to sleep.

This basically happened every second night. If it wasn’t the baby moving waking me up it was my bloody blocked nose waking me up because I can’t breathe.

I know right, I’m just getting prepped for when the babies here….

I feel tired but I just can’t sleep, this makes working until 8:30pm tough – I’m getting it done but then when I get home I just plonk myself on the couch and Matt organises dinner (thank goodness for him!)

Combined with the lack of sleep was the dreaded haemorrhoids, over the weekend I was constipated pretty badly – I know pregnancy can do this to you (to have normal bowels for once in my life would be amazing lol) and well I was obviously straining to go to the toilet (I don’t think I had been properly for 2-3 days) but the next day I had a painful sensation coming from my butt- having a bowel disease I’m pretty aware of what it was as it’s something I’ve had to deal with before – by the end of work on Monday night I couldn’t literally sit – I decided to take a mirror and have a look (yeh I recommend against this, I called out to Matt “OMG, It’s the size of a grape!” there are no limits any more my body is doing all sorts of weird things and I just have to sit back and laugh)

It got pretty bad, luckily I still had cream they gave me when I was in hospital that reduced the size and swelling pretty quick and eliminated a lot of the pain.

The whole week was like this – one day sleep deprived with a sore butt the next day I would come good then back to square one again the day after that.

My back has also started aching only when I sit but once it starts to ache it continues  – e.g. sitting on the couch, sitting at the dining table (like right now), driving… only on my right side and its about mid to lower back – nothing to crazy painful just annoying, the more I move the better I feel! I think it may have something to do with sleeping – you can’t lay flat on your back while this far along so I lay on my side and I think I favour one side hence why it is getting super tight and aching!

Still sticking to the usual training combo besides swimming haven’t gotten back there yet but I am upping my walking! So I’m lifting weights, pilates and walking atm… I do plan on swimming again tho!

On Friday we picked up the pram and few bits and pieces we had on layby – I’m LOVING shopping for this baby, although expensive it just gets me SO pumped!! After picking up everything I jumped online and bought a heap more – if you have any recommendations on what I should purchase little life savers that helped you please sent them through!

And that was another week done! OH I only ate chocolate 3 days this week 😉 See small improvements – I’m upping my fruit intake to try and stay regular with my bowels but it is a balancing act as if I have too much fruit it makes me need to go too much! Diet wise I’m a routine person – vegemite and avo toast for breakfast, fruit and a bar for snack, chicken wrap for lunch, yogurt and fruit for snack, potato/broc and steak for dinner then basically rinse and repeat all week!

Can’t wait for next week! We have our 27 week growth scan and will also be chatting about mode of delivery etc… Also have a facial booked for Friday and massage in hepburn springs on Saturday (just enjoying me time while it lasts lol)

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

Week 25

I was tired this week, like real tired this week….

I put it down to Little Prince growing, he has been moving A LOT, I’m hungry and feel HUGE – it was a challenging week emotion wise.

The combo of the above and the baby just sucking everything from me I just felt flat and fat. I’m now 68kg – 9kg up from start weight – this is fine I know I’m growing a human but just seeing myself look very different when you’re not in a positive mindset can hit you pretty hard – I saw a photo of myself and just thought fucken hell. This combined with a couple comments here and there and it was enough to make me feel pretty shitty.

After a few good nights sleep, an influx of compliments about how good I am looking and a clean up of my diet I was feeling better by the end of the week – I’m back training properly (since baby moon I only really did pilates) I’m now back to pilates, walking and lifting weights – I haven’t gotten back to swimming, I will I just haven’t gotten around to it…

Training makes me feel good – I really don’t know how people stop training while pregnant – I know some people don’t have a choice but those that decided to stop everything it just amazes me – I guess because I know how good I feel when I move – I’ll be the first to admit that energy wise I don’t want to a lot of the time but once I get going I feel so damn good afterwards AND it has a HUGE impact on my mental health.

I’m also reducing the amount of shit I’m consuming – I love sweets, always have, always will but I was going over the top since babymoon – probably even before so in an enough to make myself feel less shit, I cut the shit – well tried – I went from eating chocolate everyday to only 4 times last week – this week I’m hoping to improve on that 😉 baby steps right!

Next week we have our growth scan, this will tell us where the placenta is, how big bubs and determine if I’ll have a c section or not – TBH I want to have a c section so even if the baby isn’t huge that’ll more then likely be the route we’ll take! WHY? Well I’m not one of these people that needs all natural, no drugs kinda births – I want whats best for me and our baby – if that mean c section it is what it is, due to my UC flaring post birth (this is something that will more then likely happen) and due to how common tearing is during birth the two just don’t mix well but we’ll see what the dr’s say next week!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

Week 24

Back into it straight away – We got home Friday night from the baby moon and that Saturday we were back into replying to work emails, got the nursery (and other rooms) carpet laid, I had a baby shower and Matt build Little Prince a wardrobe!

We opted to get carpet over the hardwood floors because it just feels so much more homely, and man we are so happy we did!! Looks great!!!

UNTIL – the toilet next to the nursery started leaking into the room causing half the room to become absolutely soak (insert mega sad emoji face) we originally thought the dog went to the toilet in there (not something either of them ever do but being new flooring thought maybe it was) it got progressively worse and worse so we decided to rip up the carpet and it looked like Little Prince had his own swimming pool in his room.

I just couldn’t deal – I’m sure I cried a lot this week.

The leak is fixed, the underlay is fucked and the carpet survived so all in all it could have been MUCH worse but try telling that to a pregnant lady…

Thursday came around and we had our hospital appointments, one with the ob and one with the physician.

They were actually running on time today compared to last time which was nice, the ob although lovely made me feel like cattle just trying to get the appointment over and done with so she could get to the next person, it felt very rushed and left me feeling over whelmed even upset because she didn’t even get the Doppler out to listen to little princes heart beat (something I love hearing!) – feel like I had questions then I didn’t even get a chance to say or remember before I knew it I was shipped off to the nurse for my whopping cough vax.

Next was the physician – again on time – a little more slower paced but because I’m feeling over it was a pretty stock standard in and out appointment – the Ob came back in during this appointment as she remember she hadn’t listened to the babys heart (I knew she was suppose to – I should really learn to speak up in situations like this – I’m working on it!) babies heart was 140 and man it was just so beautiful to heart that little beating noise.

You just always hope you’re giving your baby a good home but you just don’t know whats going on in there and at times it can be a little scary – have I felt the baby move today?? Little thoughts like that will pop into your head and worry you – I guess as a mum this feeling won’t stop until the little guy is…. Well I guess it wont stop lol.

I also asked about my placenta – she said it was a pretty common thing (yes I knew this thanks to google) and don’t to be to worried about it and continue on doing what I have been doing and they’ll be able to check it out in the next growth scan.

We celebrated the strong heart beat by buying the little man a cot!!!

It has been 2 weeks now since my iron infusion – the lady said it will take about 2-3 weeks for it to kick in and TBH I don’t feel any difference – I felt good while I was away but I was tanning, eating and sleeping so I just put it to being relaxed – since being back I admit I haven’t had to nap as much but no dramatic changes…..

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

Week 23 – the baby moon

I’ve been slack on here – but seriously where have the last 3 weeks gone??

Each one a little different to the last but each one a distant memory…

Lets rewind to week 23 – BABYMOON!!!!

Originally we planned to head OS to Hawaii for our Baby Moon but after being changed to risk pregnancy I wasn’t comfortable on a 10hr flight to a different country so we opted for sunny Gold Coast and Byron Bay.

I was fine on the 2hr flight and I think the sun did me good – we both needed the R&R and some solo time – the week went far to quick and we were back to reality before we knew it….

I didn’t train that week – although we went for a lot of walks I never went to the gym at all decided to let my body rest and I was a little nervous after the placenta issue and some googling (I know google can be our worst enemy but there is just so much info – again a good and a bad thing) which says not to lift weights and I wasn’t due to see my Dr until the week after we got back….

In Bryon Bay we did the light house walk and hit over 14km I believe so old preggers was still pretty active, I had round ligament pain but just rested when I needed to.

My belly did a lot of growing while we were away – it felt tight, large and by the end of the day I felt like I was going to pop, morning I’m just so much smaller!

We came home after a relaxing week away and the was the 23rdweek done and dusted – I came home bigger, more tanned and much more relaxed – I highly recommend a baby moon to anyone who is pregnant – enjoy that alone time with your special person before 2 turns into 3…

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

Week 22

I turned 29 this week, very low key birthday compared to normal, much more sober lol.

Not that I’m complaining about waking up fresh!

We leave for our baby moon at the end of this week and I’m just HANGING to get some time away, I’m feeling overworked, tired and slightly stressed over a combination of things so I think it’ll be good to get away and just relax, we are heading to GC and Byron Bay so you’ll hear all about that next week!

My body feels good, ligament pain still causing me to feel uncomfortable during work but other then that the body is feeling good!

Hardly trained this week due to being busy/my birthday/tiredness but I still moved so have to count that as a win hey!

I’ve popped, the belly feels like it’s out and about, it’s cute and Little Prince is as active as ever! During the middle of the night especially ATM – hoping this stops when he is here. I was wake from 1:30am-4:30am the other night – woken up from kicks then just couldn’t sleep! When you’re already tired this lack of sleep doesn’t help!!

Speaking of tired I had my iron infusion Thursday – the nurse wasn’t confident putting the needle in and I’m really bruised and sore! But if it works I don’t care! The nurse said I should start to feel the effect in 2-3 weeks and mannnnn I can’t wait!!!! Give me energy pleassssseeeeeee!

Last thing that happened this week was a call from the Dr.

She had my ultrasound results from my 20 week scan, the baby was growing beautifully! Something I love to hear! BUT (why is there always a but?!) I have a low lying posterior placenta 14mm from my cervix. This isn’t where it should be and not what you want – basically if it doesn’t move I’ll have a C section.

I already have x2 more scans booked in because of my UC (one at 27 and one at 32 or 34 I can’t remember) so they will monitor it then and see if it moves. The only other risk here is bleeding, which doesn’t always happen but if it does I need to get to a hospital ASAP as you can loose a lot of blood fast. I have only spoken to the Dr over the phone and will meet with the Ob once I’m back from my babymoon – just trying not to google to much stuff in the mean time lol which is hard!

For now it’s time for some well needed and well deserved R&R.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

Week 21

This week was an awesome one, I had an appointment at St Vincent’s hospital.

They run a clinic there for women whom are pregnant/wanting to fall pregnant and have Inflammatory Bowel Disease. They reached out to be at the beginning of my pregnancy after hearing about my miscarriage last year and being hospitalised they wanted to monitor me throughout this pregnancy to ensure I don’t become as sick as what I was.

They are currently doing a study and I’m apart of it – I thought it doesn’t hurt having another team of specialist looking over me over this pregnancy.

So what does this entail? Check up appointments, poop samples, questionnaires and ultrasounds! Not of the baby but of my stomach.

Any who first appointment was this week – I was nervous, I mean I feel good but I just don’t really know what to expect – in the past Dr’s haven’t been great (that’s dramatically changed now – I will never go to a bulk billing facility or turner st medical again)

The Gastroenterologist was amazing! She was super friendly and made me feel comfortable – not dumb and didn’t talk down to me like a lot of drs sometimes do. She was happy with the way my pregnancy had been going and took me down for an ultrasound of my intestines to see what sort of inflammation was present (I cant have a colonoscopy being pregnant)

This made me nervous – I mean I feel good and my bowels have been amazing!

But during the ultrasound she was very quite and didn’t give me much, the nerves grew and grew, she eventually spoke.

“There seems to be inflammation present”

What a relief. This was the confirmation that I was a step closer to remission. This was later confirmed days later when my stool samples came back.

I’m officially in remission (YAY!)

Does this mean I’m healed and fixed? Unfortunately no.

Ulcerative Colitis is something I’ll have forever with no cure, but you do go in bouts of remission where no symptoms happen.

I’ll more then likely have a flare after giving birth (they seem to think this happens because of the extra stress of your body?) so I’m just taking everything day by day and enjoy feeling good while I can!

A big step in the right direction this week!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X