‘Fit Shaming’

This one is for all my girls out there who were unhappy, unfit &/or overweight and decided to take action on their life to gain confidence, health and apparently a lot of criticism….

‘Fit Shaming’ sounds weird doesn’t it?

What could someone possible have against another person for gaining health?

I ask myself the same goddamn time every time I hear it happening.

And you know what it is really starting to piss me off – as I imagine is for the people copping this ‘Fit-Shaming’.

But first what is it?

Here let me give you a clue and see if you have ever been a victim of ‘Fit Shaming’ or even worse someone who actually fit shames…

‘You aren’t going to loose any more weight are you? You’ll look too skinny’

‘You should stop lifting weights because you’ll get to bulky’

‘Why do you exercise you are already skinny enough?’

‘You are too young to be doing that’

‘You are too old to be doing that’

‘You don’t look like you exercise’

‘Don’t you know how to have fun?’

‘I can’t believe you’d rather go workout then go out for dinner and drinks –what is wrong with you?’

‘Lifting weights isn’t good for girls’

‘You’ve really lost all of your boobs haven’t you?’

‘Skip the gym, you’ve already been 2 times this week you don’t want to get to addicted it isn’t healthy’

‘Eating healthy is too expensive’

‘Training is too expensive’

‘Why don’t you want McDonalds for dinner? Do you have an eating disorder?’

‘Is that all you’re having for lunch?’

And usually the ones that aren’t directly to your face are:

‘OMG have you seen …. She is looking gross, she has taken it too far’

‘What is with all her gym sefies, who gives a sh*t, she doesn’t even look that good’

‘Apparently she has an eating disorder and doesn’t eat ANY takeout’

‘I can’t believe she exercises nearly every day, she is going to over do it – it isn’t healthy’

‘As if she can eat that and still look fit? She must throw it up straight after’

OH MY GOD – Need I go on?!?!?!?!


WE don’t want to hear it!

The people that say this kind of garbage are usually uneducated, overweight people unhappy with themselves who can’t stand that fact that other people are actually succeeding in health and life that are looking and feeling really bloody good!!!!!

If you’ve gone through a transformation of your own you may let these comments get to you and start questioning yourself – DON’T.

You also may see friend groups change as you go through this transformation – GOOD! Don’t let this make you feel ‘bad’. You are separating yourself from these negative people whilst then surrounding yourself with people who want to see you succeed, who motivate you, inspire you and encourage you – who share the same beliefs as you.

Training is healthy.

Not wanting to consume rubbish is healthy.

And most importantly confidence is healthy.

So next time someone questions you and the way you look, reverse their snide remarks and flip the question back onto them because I’m damn sure they wouldn’t like to be told

‘You aren’t going to put on any MORE weight are you?? You’re getting too fat!’

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel x

You are never f*cking alone.

You are never fucking alone.

Like ever.

No matter what you are going through there will be someone out there either a) going through a similar experience or b) wanting to give you support.

With this said why do so many of us go it alone?

When did going it alone get anyone anywhere?

Even one of the best solo singers in the world Queen Bey has a team in her corner to get her to where she is today!

We should never feel like our emotions or journey will hold others back – like they won’t care or won’t want to listen nor help.

We should be raised to feel a sense of empowerment within our own self to have the courage to talk about things that others don’t because at the end of the day the only way you will EVER achieve absolutely anything – and I mean ANYTHING – is if you have a team in your corner.

Lets look at it from a couple different perspectives…

#1 Starting your fitness journey.

ALONE: The weather is getting better and it’s time nearly time for the new year , new me bullshit – you know pretty well by now that you’ll hate yourself after binge eating all weekend BUT its okay because you’ll start your fitness journey ‘Monday’ BUT you REALLY know damn well it’ll last until Wednesday, maybe Thursday on a good week because you can’t resist that block of chocolate. Same with training you’ll hit all your sessions for a week but ya’ know it’s a busy time of year so one session this week will do. Meh I haven’t really planned anything anyways…. Maybe next year – this year isn’t for me.

TEAM: The weather is getting better and you’re already on track to hitting your goals because you’ve sat down and told your partner what you want to achieve – you’ve then worked with him to clean your diet up at home and for him to hold you accountable when it comes to the no self-control by Wednesday AKA if you see a freddo in my hand please slap it out and replace it with an apple. You’ve told your friends about the goals you want to hit and they say it sounds awesome and exactly what they need to get their arse into gear too – you’ve just added to your wolf pack. You join a gym and find a coach that will be on your arse if you miss your training sessions – you have set days/times each week and your trainer records your attendance and holds you accountable to hit ALL my sessions no matter what because even tho it’s a busy time of year out of the 24 hours a day you can set side time to train.

#2 Coping with a mental health/health issues.

ALONE: You’re feeling down – no one understands what you’re going through and you don’t want to be a burden to anyone and come across as the annoying downer all the time. You hide your issues from friends and family – isolating yourself because no one will get it. You awkwardly avoid conversation and situations where you know you’ll feel uncomfortable. You play it off to the public like you’re okay, it’s just easier that way. You cry – alone – no one can know you can’t deal with it. After 5 minutes of crying you tell yourself to pull it together – why should you be crying there is always someone worse off then you? You break bonds with those around you and become distant. The smallest things can set you off people think you’re too sensitive when if fact its got nothing to do with that small thing but everything do to with the demons that have been building up. This is you now.

TEAM: You be open and honest with your partner. It’s a hard conversation – you’ll cry. Crying is okay because afterwards you feel the weigh instantly lifted off your shoulders. You have nothing to hide. You open up to family/friends – they open their arms and their hearts and explain to you that them too struggle with certain issues. Wow maybe this is way more common then I thought? Socially people understand your situations and respect it – I can’t believe people actually care? You receive messages from strangers being so grateful for opening up and sharing your story because they to were having the exact same issues and thought they were alone. Another person even messages you telling you about this amazing therapy that helped them tremendously – you’ve never heard of it but give it a go – it works. You are no longer a slave to your emotions – you are open, respected and confident. This is you now.

#3 You want to pursue your passion as your career choice/become successful/progress in any way shape or form.

ALONE: You know what you want to be – you’ve dreamt about it for a while now but don’t really tell anyone – they wont be interested and will think you are silly. You don’t really know where to start? You could ask someone in that same field and reach out to them for some advice and help but that’s weird – I mean you don’t know them and as if they would want to help you – they are like insta-famous so they are probably obnoxious and have better things to do with their time. You’ve got a job and your pretty content maybe it is just easier to stay in this 9-5 rather then follow what I love doing. I probably couldn’t be one of those people that get anywhere anyways.

TEAM: It’s time to dive whole-heartily into your passion. It is scary but what is even scarier is living a life you’re never fully happy with – to be mediocre. You follow, learn and expand from your idols – you even sent one of them a message and they replied with all this information for people to follow and courses to do to help you – your family is super supportive and your partner even understands that you don’t like what you’re doing and is happy for you to change the course of your career. You reached out to business to do some work experience hours and they said yes – the ball is finally rolling and you are READY!!!!

No matter the scenario you will NEVER progress without a team on your side.

The trick is to realise no-one is against you – it is you against yourself.

The voices of doubt in your head are only that – voices – rise above and find your tribe that are waiting – surround yourself with the right people and watch your world change.

So no matter how lonely you may feel at times know your team has your back, it does not make you a weaker person to ask for help. It takes courage and strength to know you can’t go it alone and once you reach out for it there will be a hand right there waiting for you.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

The Health Food Aisle EXPOSED what they don’t want you to know…

There is a lot of hype around ‘clean eating’ – you’ll notice this when you walk down the health food section of your supermarket.

Everyday new gluten free, dairy free, taste free bars arrive on the shelves.

Claiming to be a healthy alternative for those health conscious people looking to drop a few kg’s or clean up their diets…

(FYI this aisle exists because some people actually must eat these foods as they have intolerances – and I’m sure if you ask those people they’ll tell you how much they wish they could eat ‘normal’ foods.)

Problem is 9 times out of 10 they aren’t healthy at all!

The health industry is confusing the absolute shit out of everyone and the amount of times I’ve had to explain to a client that their ‘sugar free’ bar has fake sugars in it makes me want to scream!!!!!

FUN FACT THERE ARE OVER 50 DIFFERENT NAMES FOR SUGAR TO LOOK OUT FOR IN YOUR PACKAGED ‘HEALTH FOODS’https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/56-different-names-for-sugar#section1

And with all these new health foods we as a nation are fatter then ever before???


I don’t think so.

How did our grandparents remain lean without their paleo bars and cacao nibs?

I’ll tell you how…

It’s a big bombshell secret tho so keep it on the DL…


Enough with your ‘healthy’ chocolates, bliss balls and endless amounts of nuts that are super high in calories.

Don’t get roped into the medias portrayal of healthy and over complicate it because it will leave you fatter and poorer then ever before.

Simplify your diet by eating fruits, veggies (potatoes included they are not the devil), rice and meats.

It really is that simple and then do you know what???

If you do this consistently when you feel like that chocolate reach for the good sh*t (#cadburygirlforlyf)

Lets bring it all together shall we?

At the end of the day if you are walking down this aisle you want TWO things…

#1 Loose fat, gain lean muscle this happens when you burn more calories then you eat. SIMPLE. If you are eating a f*ck tonne of high calorie foods e.g nuts/bars/chocolates – you WILL gain weight no matter how healthy it is so although something may be labelled as sugar free doesn’t mean it is good for you. Want to speed up the fat dropping  process? Start strength training and fasted walks. BADASS TRAINING FACILITY

#2 Feel energised, vibrant and confident – this happens from eating non-processed crap. Shop FRESH non packages foods. BONUS TIP: the outsides of the supermarket is where all the good stuff is – avoid as many aisles as possible!


Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

Self-confidence is the new black.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat (you know that swallowing razors feeling) and a stuffy nose – I held out for as long as I could and decided to take some cold and flu tabs – not just the over the counter stuff – the good stuff with codeine and pseudo ephedrine – I now feel high AF – so high I went to Foodworks to get stuff for lunch and came out with an avocado and a box of Cadbury Favourites so god knows how the fuck this blog will turn out – apologies in advance.

DID YOU KNOW we DON’T have to change.

I know it’s plastered all over social media to look a certain way.

But did you know you don’t have to look like that?!

It is okay to love yourself?

It is okay to be yourself?

It is NOT arrogant.

It IS healthy.

How did I stumble across this simple yet powerful epiphany?

I just had to look at my Instagram newsfeed.

People – random people – everywhere eager to change. The way they look isn’t good enough and they MUST change.

It is splashed in front of my face everyday and almost every time I check Insta (which is a fuck tonne more then I’d like to admit.)

*Pause to check insta newsfeed

When it is directly in our faces everyday it is hard not to start thinking ‘I need to change too.’

I should start dieting, I need to start exercising, I should look like that etc…

It’s almost unseen to love yourself and do you want to know why?

Because we get fucking condemned if we do!!!

Girls posting selfies of any kind –feeling confident – we have all had those days where our make up is on point, the lighting is fab or you’re just noticing how fucking good you’re looking – work it girllll you are looking mighty fine today!!!!

Feeling confidant AF.

That is until you are almost INSTANTLY judged for a) being yourself b) liking the way you look.


Seriously what.the.fuck.

Imagine years from now (for me) or now if you are already a mum.

Your daughter is this amazing human, who shines bright wherever she goes – lights up a room when she walks in.

She has this glow about her, happily confident with herself and her life.

Now imagine if she was dulled down and taught not to walk with her head held high because it isn’t okay to love the way you look.

It isn’t okay to be yourself.

And every time she does show that ounce of confidence she gets put down.

She conforms.

The mentally of ‘I hate my thighs’, ‘Delete that I look fat’, ‘OMG why can’t I look like X,Y or Z’ starts.

What would you do??

You’d tell her how amazing she is, you’d teach her the importance of self-love and screw anyone that puts you down because you’re stronger then that.

Wouldn’t you?

You would have her back because her confidence isn’t arrogance is it beauty.

If it comes out so fluidly why do you struggle telling yourself the same things?

Why don’t you have our own back?

The NEED to ‘change’ is fucking destroying women.

Two final things I want to leave you with.

1) If you are one of those judging others & dulling their glow – you need to work on yourself. Start by focusing on YOU. You only judge others because you are unhappy with yourself.

2) If you’re someone trying to find your glow, you won’t find it by changing – it’s already inside of you. You need to stop comparing yourself to others – start loving and appreciating yourself and the life you are given.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X
AKA the girl who loves herself in a world telling her not too *insert emoji with the girl putting her hand up

Why you can’t shake that FAT.

Let me just lay this on the line for you….

You want to no why you have excess fat that you can’t get rid of even though you have tried ‘everything’?

Lets start by eliminating the people you like to blame first and narrow it down.

-It is not your mum’s fault you are fat, if you live at home I bet you’re fussy as hell with your mums cooking but more then happy to go through the drive thru on the way home from a binge drinking session every Saturday night.

– It is not your kids fault you are fat, you decide what goes into their mouth and just because they don’t eat it doesn’t mean you need to.

-It is not your partners fault you are fat, you might have shared accounts, children, pets and all that jazz but believe it or not your stomachs are actually two completely different entities and just because your partner likes dessert every night doesn’t mean you do! ***MIND BLOWN***

-It is not your jobs fault you are fat, people like to bring in delicious foods – I get that – but at what point was it your job to eat it? I don’t think that was apart of your contract?

-It is not your trainers fault you are fat, mate I’m here to help y’all out but just because you have a membership doesn’t mean you’ll instantly get a killah rig – it is called hard work and actually implementing advice given not missing sessions because it is too wet, too cold, too early, I’m sick, my sisters friends dogs brothers cousin is over. (I’ve heard it all.)

-It is not your friends fault you are fat, hanging with friends is something a lot of us don’t do enough – yet it doesn’t mean when we do get to hang with our gal pals that it needs to be revolved around food, brunch, lunch, snack whatever you call the thing where you wear yoga pants and drink lattes whilst downing giant bowls of muesli, sourdough and smashed avo.

Well I guess that narrows it down a little – if you haven’t figured it out by now it is actually YOUR fault.

You want to change? Good, AWESOME! Do it, but don’t be the person that starts every Monday and then comes up with stupid reasons as to why you can’t do it because bluntly this type of person will never change. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING if you commit yourself fully – So stop making excuses and start seeking results.
START by writing down WHY you want to change – if you have no purpose you have no motivation and no intent and will fail…again.

PLAN your attack – Source out the information you NEED to change – your trainer is a ball full of useful info in this aspect!

TELL everyone about what you’re doing – this will 110% hold you accountable for your actions, trust me your work colleagues will be more then happy to point out and say ‘should you be eating that?’

Set GOALS it may be as simple as hit x2 training session a week and have only x1 cheat meal for a month – small achievable goals will lead you to BIG successes.

Change WON’T happen over night – don’t give up because you don’t see results after a day – these things take weeks and months – it is important to track your progress perhaps via a calendar, before/after photos or measurements and even by how your clothes feel.

Know it is HARD work, if it was easy we would all be walking around looking like super models – you’ll have stressful days and weak moments but remember why you started – pick yourself up and keep going!

If you are looking for that kick up the arse HERE IT IS – GO OUT AND GET IT!!!

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

Ain’t No F*cking ‘GIRL BOSS’


I’m done.

Before I start as usual my sh*t may offend you and that’s fine – perhaps stop reading my sh*t?

I’ve been to airports A LOT of them, multiple times. Without hesitation I will always find myself in the bookshops, I enjoy floating around to see what’s out there and usually end up in the business section, I LOVE business and motivation books they really get me pumped and motivated about life – especially ones about mindset and marketing.

Okay Tel you read and enjoy business books – applause for you – how is this offensive?

Well wait for it…..

Every single time I look for a business book written by a FEMALE the titles are always something along the lines of ‘girl boss’ or have the phases ‘girl, she, women’ in the titles along with a tacky photo of a high heels or pink everywhere.

I F*cking hate it.


I HATE the saying ‘GIRL BOSS’ – Matt actually calls me this simply to get a reaction out of me because he knows how much I can’t stand it!

Uhhhh thinking about it makes me cringe.

Okay before you get your pretty little knickers in a twist let me explain…

I get what the title ‘Girl Boss’ is trying to say – you’re a strong independent women – I get it. We all want to relate to it and use it to empower us and if you are one of those women then that’s bloody great I hope you do succeed and kick life’s ass.

But imagine if we started calling men in business ‘Boy Boss’ – how bloody ridiculous does that sound?

To me, females labelling themselves as ‘Girl Boss’ are only demoralising themselves.

If you’re the boss you are the goddamn boss – why does it matter if you’re female or not? Why must females have to label the fact that they are a female boss? Not just simply the BOSS?

Same as when females are writing a business book why do we feel the need to state our gender in the title or cover it with pink headings and glitter?

Why can’t we simply have a kickarse heading that has nothing to do with our gender?

I think women in business are amazing – I am a woman in business but I refuse to down grade myself to be separate from a man.

I’m not a ‘girl boss’ I’m simply a ‘BOSS’.

Stop down playing your role.

Wake up and kick arse – not because you are a girl but because you are a BOSS.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

How to drop fat by eating CARBS!


Carbs = Energy.

This is a simple solution as to why you feel like crap when you don’t eat them. In this society we can some times be lead to believe that carbs are making us gain weight and we should cut them completely from our diet, yes this is sometimes true but only because the carbs you are eating are cake and chips. Our problem isn’t that fact we eat carbs our problem is the fact we over indulge REGULARLY on the wrong carbs.


Okay so you want to loose fat and you’ve been told carbs are the devil so you stop eating them altogether. We all know 4 days in you are a walking junkie carb zombie looking for your next hit.

Don’t be stooopid and do this to yourself!

You’ll loose weight sure, but it is NOT possible to avoid carbs forever – it’s unmaintainable.

Listen to your body!

Fuel it!

Stop looking for a quick fix by cutting all food groups but still eating chocolate because you’re not really sure which food group it belongs in and it has been four days since you have had any so you deserve it.

Stop doing the same dumb sh*t and then making up excuses as to why it didn’t work again and again and again!

—-Sorry – I could rant endlessly about this stuff!—–

If you train (at Royale Fitness of course because you are a bada** athlete) you use energy and a lot of it – you need to replenish the body to help muscles recover, to keep your body functioning properly and to continue training like a bada** athlete AND to LOOSE fat!

Yes – in order to LOOSE fat you must eat carbs.

So with this said when should you eat carbs and what carbs should you eat?

Here is my opinion on what I find has worked with clients and myself.


Pre-training: You want carbs that are not going to leave you feeling too full and sluggish. You also don’t want anything to complex as it will take to long for the body to absorb so low GI carbs with minimal fat and fibre are a great choice – a general guideline is to have a snack 1-2 hours before training – you’ll need to trial what works with you on this one.

A great pre-training snack is fruit – it isn’t too heavy and it is mostly low-medium GI meaning it won’t give you a spike of energy then crash mid-sesh.

BUT I train in the morning and I’m not hungry?

If you can’t get down some fruit in the morning before training and you haven’t eaten since dinner you will be training in a fasted state (8 hours since last meal) which means fat is being used as fuel during exercise.

This can be good AND bad depending on your goals.

If your goal is strength, speed and performance training in a fasted state is not ideal because you will not be able to train as fast and as hard on an empty stomach so try your best to get some food in (even half a banana). If your goal is fat loss this method may work well for you, as you are burning fat directly just make sure your next meal is nutritious and includes carbs – some break breaky options include plain oats with fresh berries, protein shake with a banana, omelette or eggs on toast…..

Which leads me toooooo…..

Post Training: After training we need to think about a couple of things;

-Re-fuelling the muscle and glycogen (carb) stores.

-Replacing the fluid lost in sweat.

-Creating new muscle protein and other cellular components and apart of the repair process.

Sorry in English?!?!

After training your body takes a hiding – you use energy and a lot of it, you sweat like a crazy person and your muscles actually breakdown. The meal after training needs to help the body repair and replenish.

Okay – so what should I eat?

You’ll need to eat a meal with carbs and protein.

Here is a list of carbs (used to refuel) I use:
Sweet Spud
Rice (I use basmati)
Multigrain wrap

Here is a list of protein (used for muscle repair and rebuilding):
Chicken breast

Lean mince
Vegan Protein Powder (gut friendly as opposed to whey)

So you’re post training meal (assuming you train in the afternoon) may be a chicken stirfry or fish with broc and mash sweet potato.

So please DO NOT deprive your body of what it needs – you’ll feel and look amazing if you just stop listening to every diet advertisement and start listening to YOU!

I’ve tried no carbs. It sucked; I looked and felt weak. I now eat the RIGHT carbs at the right times and I have so much more energy, my body is now looking leaner, stronger and works like a gem!

I use this exact formula with my RF athletes for their 8 Week Transformations (see pictures) and well can’t argue with results #LEANMACHINES
Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel x