Body Not Changing? Here’s The Real Reason Why… 

A lot of us look in the mirror while getting ready first thing in the morning…

What do we see?

What do we tell ourselves?

‘Wow I look great, check out my ass’ ?


‘God I’m disgusting, look how fat my ….. is’ ?

For many of us we start our day by allowing ourselves to say something negative about our bodies – we welcome bad thoughts without even realising we are doing it.

If your partner were to whisper into your ear first thing every morning saying ‘good morning honey, your thighs are looking big and your cellulite is gross’..

Would you allow it?


So why is it okay for you to be telling yourself these things


Did you know mental and emotional stress causes a chemical in your brain to react and your body goes into protection mode.

Cortisol is the bodies ‘stress’ hormone. It is released in response to fear or stress by the adrenal glands dumping sugar into the blood stream – if you are constantly feeling fear or stress this hormone will be constantly realised into the blood stream.

Pffft as if a tiny little hormone can effect my body that much.

High cortisol levels have been proven to interfere with learning and memory, lower immune function and bone density, INCREASED WEIGHT GAIN, blood pressure and heart disease.

It also increases your risk of depression and mental illness.

Do I have your attention yet?

SO if you’re eating the best diet in the world and STILL not getting results you should look at the environment you are living in and what you are saying to yourself.

Things you can do to help metabolise cortisol:

-Deep Sleep – not getting your 8 hours? This could be leaving a huge indent. Try meditation. (I use the app calm)

-Exercise – also metabolises cortisol and also releases the feel good chemical dopamine so can also help depression. Exercise doesn’t always have to be intense it might just be a walk in the fresh air to help clear your mind. If you need to change your training environment here is the link application link for Royale Fitness, the most positive training environment you’ll ever find – Royale Fitness Access

-Laughter – is also another good one to help combat cortisol. You know when you really, REALLY laugh your jaw gets sore and you cant breathe – how good do you feel. Forcing this just never works I usually watch random FB videos that have me cracking up – stupid & time wasting? Maybe but it makes me feel good!

So all in all to keep off weight you must love.

Love yourself and those around you.

Love is safety and loving yourself is key to it all.

Happy New Year Y’all

Can’t wait to bring you another year of TalkingWithTel, after our miscarriage last year I didn’t get back to writing which is something I truly loved doing – I’m back with your weekly dose of real-ness baby! 

Stay Strong & Stretch,

Tel X

I’m stressed, your stressed – we’re all stressed….

We go through hard times, everyone does it’s just a part of life and if we never experienced hard times we would never know nor appreciate the good times…

Everyone’s stresses are different and in my career I hear a so many stories on a weekly basis whether it’s girls drowning in debt, uni, work, events or relationships – the core of these stresses usually involves us trying to juggling and deal with too many things at once or trying to keep everyone happy thus suffering emotionally.

These bricks of stress build daily stacking away, we don’t deal with them, we just keep adding to the pile and before we know it there is a wall. A big arse unstable wall that is about to crash and fall.

Sounds all familiar right?

What people forget is that they are never alone in any situation.

What people also don’t realise is that by pushing the stresses lower and deeper will not make them go away. (as much as we try!)

And what people REALLY don’t understand is that if they address their stresses it can help relieve them. (wait what?)

Some tips on how I juggle my sometimes overwhelming, hectic yet exciting life involve two simple things:

-Ask for help! Sounds simple right? That’s because it is! I’m talking anything from dishes to financial – if you need help, just ask if you’re surrounding yourself with people that love you, they will always be wanting to help take a weight off your shoulders.I know we like to think we can do and handle absolutely everything but truth be told we will be more productive if we just let go of the reins every once and a while – and hey, if the hubby washes the dishes I’m not going to complain!

-Take a break – Every 3 months Matt & I get away, yes we love our business and everyone involved and that’s why we feel it’s an important key – if we are tired, grumpy and stressed it reflects directly back onto the people around us. A week away allows our bodies & mind to re-charge. Can’t get o/s? Maybe a weekend away interstate or at a very minimum a night out with dinner, drinks and a movie…

So where I’m going with this is I get stressed (my body literally started breaking down as a sign to say you need to slow the f*ck down and calm the f*ck down!), you get stressed, the person next to you gets stressed – it’s a part of life don’t let your bricks pile up only just to crash and fall – address the issue and turn your brick wall into a pavement of success.

Stay Strong & Stretch,

Tel X

P.S – On that note I’m off to America first thing tomorrow for some well-deserved R&R but stay tuned for my next blog on how not to blow out on holidays while still eating delish foods and enjoying down time ✌🏼

Fit Gal’s Ultimate Christmas List…

Dry Shampoo – We like you all think our hair is clean, when we really haven’t washed it in almost 4 days – we don’t see the point when we know its only going to get sweaty again.

ActiveWear – You may think we have enough activewear….. but we don’t! If it starts with ‘L’ you get brownie points…. ** cough ** Lululemon ** cough, cough ** Lorna Jane.

Runners – These are a tough personal selection so why not leave the selecting up to us and opt for a foot locker or rebel voucher so we don’t end up with god knows what, which we’ll be forced to wear only because we love you to much to tell you.

Bobby pins and Hair Ties – There is nothing worse then feeling your rats tail hanging in the breeze with no bobby pin to secure that sh*t up – and if we break a hair tie – it’ll be our last hair tie and it’ll be mid training session, sure other girls will have spares but we are better off asking for their blood.

Laser Hair Removal Voucher – Shaving is so pre-training days & we are sick of getting caught with our arms up and a 5 o’clock shadow, plus knowing you are hairless give you one less thing to worry about while doing yoga in little shorties.

Socks – as ridiculous as this sounds socks are a necessity – Why? a) You don’t realise how expensive they are until you move out of home and mum stops buying them and b) One always seems to go missing?!

If you think you are being cute by buying us a 5kg kettlebell we are more then likely going to knock you over the head with it, b*tch please.

Peanut Butter – I don’t know there is something about peanut butter and fitness that just go hand in hand. Actually there is something about peanut butter and EVERYTHING that go hand in hand.

Massage Voucher – If you aren’t willing to massage our sore, aching, tired muscles that’s fine leave it to a professional – 1 hour full body please & thank you!

And if none of those tickle your fancy we are ALWAYS keen for a puppy.

Girls, share this & save your partner from buying you a crap present this year.

Stay Strong & Stretch,
Tel X

P.S IF you’re searching for the perfect gift for your loved one you can’t go past the gift of health & happiness…. take the quiz below to find the ideal Chrissy Pressie for your loved ones