Dermalogica & MY Routine

The day I started giving a f*ck about my skin.

I don’t really re-call when it was but the day I started caring about ‘skincare’ I guess was the day I realised I was getting older.

I’ve been lucky enough to never have had acne growing up but I did expose my skin (face especially) to some serious sun like alllllll my life! (I’ll right a blog post in the coming weeks about my sun addictions)

So on a path to stop this little thing we call ageing I bit the bullet when into David Jones and was every sales assistants absolute DREAM!

Clueless and cashed up.

Only minutes later I walked about with well, everything in the Dermalogica range.

It’s been almost 6 months since I’ve been committed to a skincare range and I’ve gotta say I’m pretty happy!

-CLEANSER: Special cleansing gel, being able to keep this in the shower means I actually use it, it also foams up and leaves me feeling super clean.

-DAILY MICROFOLIANT: Look to be totally honest I’m least impress with this one, again its kept in the shower and I use it 2-3 times per week but its just awkward! It’s a powder exfoliator you mix with water and in the shower it’s almost impossible! I’ll nearly always add too much water and it just goes running down the drain!

-TONING SPRAY: Not really sure what the f*ck this does but it smells nice and feels gooooood… I spray it on my face once I’m out the shower.

-SERUM: not pictured I was using a Dermalogica hydrating serum but finished this bottle since then I’ve moved onto certified organic Rosehip oil to help with fine lines and hydration. LOVE THIS STUFF!

-SKIN SMOOTHING CREAM: I’ll put this on at night it’s too heavy for a day cream but does leave me feeling nice and soft.

-DAY MOISTURISER: Garnier BB cream (medium) – I don’t wear make up to work – DUH – so this bb cream leave me feeling covered – it also has sunscreen in it to stop any more damage to the old skin!